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Unlikely But Possible


10:30 3rd May 2013

Boss on survival permutations

Wolves manager Dean Saunders is urging both players and fans to travel to Brighton on Saturday with the belief that 'miracles can happen'.

Wolves go into the season's final game needing a victory, defeats for Barnsley and Peterborough elsewhere and a five goal swing between themselves and Peterborough to stay in the league.

While admitting that the odds are stacked against his side, the manager wants his players to grab their final chance of survival with both hands, saying their task is 'unlikely, but possible'.

"There are always twists in football," Saunders said at his pre-match press conference this week. "I don't think there's any pressure on us now - nobody's expecting us to pull through this, which could work in our favour.

"The pressure is all on Peterborough and Barnsley - they've got to avoid being beaten. You never know though, anything can happen.

"It's unlikely, but not impossible. Look at Aston Villa last weekend - they put six past Sunderland, Newcastle get beaten 6-0 and suddenly there's an eleven goal swing in favour of Villa - you wouldn't have been able to get a bet on that before the weekend."

Both Peterborough and Barnsley have excelled in recent weeks - after spending much of the campaign in the bottom three, Darren Ferguson's Posh side went ten games without defeat prior to their loss at Derby, while Barnsley have lost just two of their previous ten league fixtures.

However, Saunders believes that the added pressure of being so close to survival could take its toll on both teams, and is determined that his side will be in a position to capitalise should they both slip up.

"Peterborough have lost a lot of games this season, and so have Barnsley," he explained. It can happen. Peterborough are playing a Palace team that can beat anyone 5-0 on their day. Look at their forward options - if they click, which they need to, they're a handful.

"Peterborough and Barnsley will go into their games wanting to win and that brings with it its own pressure - if you concede early, all sorts of things start going through your head."

Although admitting that Wolves travel to the South coast in hope rather than expectation, Saunders is determined to maintain his positive outlook, and is hopeful that his squad and the 2,000 travelling fans can share his optimism.

"Everyone understands that it is possible," he said. "I've got to believe it's going to happen, because if I don't believe it, the players aren't going to believe it. I've seen a lot in football, and these things can happen.

"I've got to make sure that the players are focused and haven't already downed tools or are already away on their holidays. I've got to make sure they've got some belief.

"I expect all my players to be focused and hope that a win will be enough, and we get a bit of luck for a change."

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