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Wake-Up Call


17:17 30th August 2013

Coach on heavy Man U defeat.

The under 18s midweek trip to Manchester United turned out to be something of a wake-up call for the club’s youngsters after they had made a confident start to the campaign.

After an opening day 6-1 thrashing of Leicester was followed up by a 2-1 victory over Newcastle. There was another 6-1 scoreline at United only this time it was against Mick Halsall’s youngsters.

He conceded: “After a good start to the season I felt this game would give us a realistic view of our-selves in comparison to other teams and it certainly did that. 

“I have said on a regular basis this season was going to be difficult for us due to the quality the team will come up against week in week out through-out the year.

“We got off to a poor start against United as we conceded around the five minute mark which was down to our own doing after a couple of mistakes were made. 

“Unfortunately, we did not regroup or recover from that as no-one really got hold of the team on the field to pull every-one together. It is something we have spoken about a lot as it can’t be me driving the players on all the time.

“I’m not on the field with them and they must do it in a way that suggests they are all in it together.

“After conceding that early goal, although we threatened at times, we did not look comfortable or convincing when out of possession. Some players did not show enough understanding of what  was needed from them as we conceded two more goals before half time.

“Too many times we left ourselves exposed to the counter being vulnerable to pace and movement behind. The fact we got one back through Peter Smith just before the break gave us a little bit of hope but it covered over a lot of our problems.
“After making a couple of changes during the interval to try to give us more cover both in the wide area’s and to create a bit more threat up front, it was all undone within the first five minutes of the second half as we conceded again due to poor decision making and weak defending. 

“The game became a very open one which was, and always will be, a problem for us because we have to remain as compact as we can to stay in games due to the experience of the players we have. 

“We conceded two more goals in the second half without ever looking a threat ourselves in comparison to our first half play.
“Reflecting on the game, although disappointed I am mindful of where we are. We will have some more days like this if we do not work hard at a being a typical Wolves side - in the way of being competitive, organised and demanding of each other when things are not going well and making sure everybody is fighting for each other. 

“All the players were told to have a good think about their own performances, not about others but their own. And be honest in their views and come in ready to work at putting defeats like this behind them. 

“We will try to get back on course this tomorrow in another tough game against West Ham at Compton Park. But this is when and where you find out the players that are good enough to come through.” 

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