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Everton Blow For Under 21s


10:26 10th February 2014

Merseysiders cope with windy conditions.

The Academy under 18s lost out by a single goal to Everton when the teams met at Compton Park on Saturday.

According to coach Mick Halsall, the Merseysiders adapted to the taxing weather conditions in a much better fashion than his charges did.

He said: “The inclement weather made things difficult with the windy conditions affecting the game in a big way. But it was the same for both sides.

“I thought that we coped quite well although we did not create any real opportunities within the 90 minutes apart from one shot from distance.

“Having said that there was not too much between the sides with the only goal coming from a shot from outside the box that I felt we could have prevented. 

“Both teams tried to play the ball on the floor due to the conditions. However, I felt the opposition coped better than us particularly when the wind was blowing into their faces and when our players needed to close them down a lot faster than they did. 

“Everton did that to us in the second half and although, at times we coped quite well, on other occasions we could have made better decisions in playing a longer ball and not allowing ourselves to be put under threat.

“It is these types of decisions that the players must improve upon in every game not just these types of games where the elements make it even more difficult.”

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