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Tight At The Top!


12:52 14th February 2014

Jackett assesses Notts County and the promotion race

Kenny Jackett believes the race for automatic promotion still involves at least five teams in Sky Bet League One – as he insisted Wolves need to carry on focusing on their own business.

Wolves have endured a fortnight without a fixture following postponement of last weekend’s trip to Stevenage, and return to action at Molineux tomorrow when Notts County are the visitors (3pm).

As such they have had to sit back and watch other teams at the top try and win points, and while admitting that will come into play towards the end of the season the Head Coach wants Wolves to keep concentrating on their own results.

“Nobody has got a lead on us,” said Jackett.

“Brentford are two points ahead but I think Preston are in good form as well and will finish the season on a very good points total and so will Rotherham.

“We are ten points ahead of Rotherham and six ahead of Preston but all of those clubs are still in it - I’m just pleased that we haven’t suddenly got to make up a ten point deficit in 16 or 17 games.

“That’s all we are and none of us are in the situation which Leicester are where they have a gap in their division between them and the other sides and have some room for manoeuvre.

“It is there for everyone, and we are one of the sides it is there for, and we have to capitalise on that chance.

“As the season goes on you do look at other results. At the start of the year I don’t worry too much about other sides because I know you’ve got to get right up there to X amount (of points).

“Performances have to warrant it and by the end of the season the good sides still come through.

“Similarly if you are doing okay but the performances are not convincing, it is funny then how you do peter out to halfway. That’s the call.

“But for us we have been really able to concentrate on performances, on the team, on the squad, on the balance of the squad and making it right.

“And as you get towards the end, which won’t be too far away soon, get to just single figures of games left, you do look more around you to see how other sides are doing and what points totals they can get.

Jackett continues:  “We’ve improved and you always need to keep improving,” he said. “But you can’t sit back and say ‘we’ve done well’. A poor result for us and a good one for our rivals changes the mood.

“If Orient had won their last two games there would have been a five-point gap to make up.

“We have to look at these games, appreciate the table is tight and realise it’s realistically five clubs

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