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"The Standout Candidate"


18:16 3rd June 2013

Moxey and Thelwell delighted with choice

Chief Executive Jez Moxey and Head of Football Development and Recruitment Kevin Thelwell both highlighted Kenny Jackett as the outstanding candidate from a rigorous search for Wolves’ new Head Coach.

Moxey and Thelwell revealed there were 75 genuine candidates for the position, whittled down via interview process to the final shortlist at which point the Chief Executive and Chairman Steve Morgan conducted the final interviews.

Jackett impressed throughout that four-week process and today faced the media having signed a one-year rolling contract.

“I’m delighted that Kenny has agreed to join us  and also want to thank Kevin for his involvement in leading the process,” said Jez.

“When you have a job available such as the Head Coach at Wolves you know you are going to get a lot of interest.

“We had about 75 people apply for the position and Kevin was tasked with whittling that down via a very thorough process, originally to 40, then to 20 and then to 12.

“Kevin had interviews with those 12 candidates and it was brought down to seven all of whom had a formal interview with myself and Kevin.

“That was then whittled down to the final list who were interviewed by myself and Steve.

“At each stage of the process we felt that Kenny was the standout candidate and are absolutely delighted he is here.

“It is a new beginning for us here one which we are very much looking forward to.

“We want to get this great football club with huge support back to winning ways and put smiles on supporters’ faces again – that is the task.

"And we want Kenny to be our head coach for many, many years.

"We wanted someone who would recognise the project, really want to do it, understand what we're trying to do and know he needs to give body and soul to achieve it.

"I think Kenny will do that."

Having led the process from the start, Thelwell admits there was no stone left unturned to ensure Wolves landed the best candidate.

He added: “Kenny has proved over many years that he’s an experienced individual.

“He’s got a huge level of expertise and he’s done outstandingly well at Millwall and other football clubs in particular in the League we are going into – League One.

“He’s been a standout candidate all along so yes, I’m delighted about his appointment.

“From the start of the process he made it clear that Wolves was a football club that, without question, he would want to work at.

“That was a really strong reason right from the very start for us to get involved, to talk to him because he was so powerful in his statement about our football club and how he would like to play a big part in it going forwards.

“So it’s a fantastic appointment from our prospective and I think he will do very well for us.

“The first thing to recognise is that we are a huge club with a huge fanbase so therefore from that basis we are particularly attractive even if we are in League One. 

“We had about 75 to 80 applications in the first instance with lots of high calibre names and lots of high calibre candidates and then we started to literally work through a process whereby we ensured we were very stringent and very robust in terms of how we worked.

“It was obviously important to get this decision right because it’s a big decision. We worked very carefully and very thoroughly through the process to eventually end up with Kenny.”

Jackett himself had said he is relishing the role of being a Head Coach, the first such appointment in Wolves’ history.

And Thelwell also believes that in the modern game it is a development which will suit Wolves, with the two keen to quickly set about formulating plans for next season.

“I think the first point to make is that we are trying to make something of a statement from manager to head coach and the reason for that is that I think everyone recognises that the role of a manager is a very difficult one nowadays,” he explains.

“It’s very much about results and we’ve seen lots of examples of managers being appointed for only one day before fans start wanting him out!

“From our prospective, we are saying ‘look, become a head coach and on that basis focus down on what is vitally important in preparing a team, organising a team and getting results’.

“And then somebody will be in a supporting position to help you work on the other elements of the football operation like recruitment, medical, sports science, Academy, and so on.

“That’s very much where I see my role as a support mechanism to Kenny, to help regulate decisions but then also to work very, very closely with Kenny to allow him to be successful on the pitch for the club.

“We’ve got to pretty much get started immediately in terms of how we look going forwards. I think that’s vital.”

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