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Strength In Depth


10:00 15th July 2014

Jackett continues to shuffle the pack

Kenny Jackett will continue to use pre-season to push Wolves towards the strongest squad possible ahead of the new season.

The Head Coach has shuffled his pack in each of the two friendly fixtures so far, the 3-1 victory at Cheltenham and last night’s 4-1 win against Shamrock Rovers.

And he is hoping to ensure the current crop are as strong as possible ahead of the big Championship kick-off on August 10th.

“As a group what we are trying to do is get that 22 as strong as we possibly can,” he says.

“That is not necessarily easy when you are working a team.

“We have kept the team together that started the Carlisle game for two halves and you can tell that they are in a good rhythm and there is an understanding there.

“Then, looking at the second group who played in the first half against Shamrock Rovers and looking at who is going to break through, it is about who is coming through and going to make us as strong as we possibly can.”

Summer signing Rajiv van La Parra produced another lively display on the wing last night, offering something different in terms of being able to cut inside and shoot with his right foot.

“I have been pleased with what Rajiv has produced,” said Jackett.

“He is a different type of wide left player because he is right footed.

“When the game settles down with Sako and Golbourne on the left they are natural left footers and that does give us better balance.

“Foley and van La Parra are both right footed and while I have been in no way disappointed with those two individually, if you are looking at a team having some left footed players around is a good thing.”

Jackett meanwhile has confirmed he expects loan interest to continue for three players currently back at Compton - Zeli Ismail, Jake Cassidy and David Davis.

“For those three players I would suggest loans are imminent,” he said.

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