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Please Stay Off The Pitch


16:17 25th April 2014

Club issues warning.

With the pitch invasions that marred what was a superb advertisement for English soccer still fresh in the mind, the club have decided to give an early warning to any spectators planning in act in a similar manner when Carlisle visit Molineux next week and at tomorrow’s game against Coventry at Northampton.

Following the game against Rotherham, the club officials has been asked to explain the circumstances behind the incidents and a punishment from the FA may follow in addition to a certain warning on any future incursions. Wolves have similarly been asked to explain an invasion at the end of the away game at Crewe when promotion was sealed. 

CEO Jez Moxey confirmed: “We will be – and we are already – viewing CCTV footage to try to identify people who put us in that situation and we’ll deal with them accordingly, which could well be indefinite bans.

“We’ll deal with the FA inquiry properly and we’ll give them the truth and tell them what happened.

“But what was genuinely concerning was the announcement that the referee was considering abandoning the match if another pitch invasion was to take place. Our fans ought to know that because if they run onto the pitch during a game, they’re committing a criminal offence.

“We understand the exuberant nature of the occasion but it marred what was a wonderful game and a marvellous occasion.”

The vast majority of supporters at the game voiced their disapproval to those that chose to spoil things at what was the biggest attended game at Molineux since 1981.

Jez added: “When you have significant events, like winning promotion or getting relegated, fans often show their feelings.

“And that can manifest itself in pitch invasions.

“It’s more understandable when a team wins something and virtually every team does it – look at the scenes at Burnley and Brentford over the last 
few days. But when people are coming on the pitch and there’s two minutes to play (as on Friday), that’s just unacceptable.

“It was the one disappointment of this final part of the season. It ruined it for those fans who stayed in the stands and also for our players to celebrate it properly.

“When you get the capacity crowd – 30,110 – you get a lot of people who haven’t been very often, but there’s no excuse for the people who ran on the pitch after Michael Jacobs’s shot hit the side netting - it was an embarrassment.”

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