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Scouting For Change


10:25 3rd November 2012

Boss to revamp structure

Boss Ståle Solbakken is to press on with revamping the Wolves scouting system after the departure of long-serving duo Dave Bowman and Ian Evans.


The manager had been working with Bowman to try and revamp the club’s scouting structure, but admits it was no surprise to see the club’s Chief Scout and European Scout Evans depart.


Solbakken always expected Bowman and Evans to leave the club once his Molineux predecessor Mick McCarthy landed another position, and has paid tribute to their work.


“I think I could have sat here four or five weeks ago and thought that Dave and Ian would go - I was quite sure that when Mick McCarthy got another job we would come into this situation,” he




“I think it is in the English culture that people sometimes follow their man around – that is how it works.


“They have done a great job for us and are we will certainly miss them.


“But it is not something that worries me and we were in the process of changing our way of scouting.

“We were looking together at a better view of the foreign market and the way we do other things such as match analysis and scouting players and teams.


“It has been at the back of my mind that this could happen and we will be fine but we need to recruit new people.”

Solbakken revealed he was keen to stamp his own influence on the scouting system initially with Bowman and Evans and says those developments will continue with new recruits in position.


Much of the focus around that remains on sometimes taking “calculated risks” on players, before they become hot property for bigger clubs with more financial clout.


“We have discussed things but are not at an advanced level yet,” he said.


“We had a meeting with Jez on Thursday which was the third meeting about how we wanted to do our new scouting and then this happened quite quickly when Mick got his new job.


“Maybe it gives us a chance to put our blueprint onto things but we were about to do that with Dave and Ian anyway.


“We are in a financial situation where we cannot compete with some clubs and that is when you have to get players in before they make that last big breakthrough.


“That is when you can do the good deals and some will be successful and some maybe not as successful.


“For example take Sako, Margreitter and Sigurdarson.


“I feel all these have potential to be great players and if we had waited two or three months we wouldn’t have got them.


“We will see with Margreitter whether we are right when he comes back from injury and if Bjorn can develop into a good player or if he will struggle a little bit.


“Sako is probably worth more than he was when he came in.


“We have to make sure we find these players before others do.


“It’s not so much a gamble because if they are the right age and the right price you can make a mistake or two.


“If Margreitter is a failure here I think we could still get our money back on him from Austria if we wanted to.


“You don’t succeed with everything but sometimes you have to take a calculated risk with certain types of players.”


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