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09:33 21st January 2013

Boss continues to assess squad

Boss Dean Saunders is continuing to scour the transfer market for potential targets who can improve the team – but will spend just as much time on getting more out of those in the Wolves squad already at his disposal.

In the wake of Saturday’s 0-0 draw at Sheffield Wednesday, Saunders revealed he was happy to bide his time in the January transfer window as he continues to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Wolves squad he has inherited.

And he again re-iterated that any new faces must not only have quality to add to the ranks but also the right sort of attitude – to be “team players”.

“The longer we can leave it the better because as time goes on I’m getting a clearer idea about what we need,” said the boss.

“What I don’t want to do is panic buy and bring a player into the club who is not as good as the ones we have got.

“These players are good – they have just had the stuffing knocked out of them.

“If I can get the belief back in them I think you will see some of the players who all our fans know are good players getting some form back.

“If they play like they can play we won’t have to sign any players.

“So I will try and leave it as late as possible.

“I’m not David Copperfield – I’m not going to change it straightaway so that we are like Real Madrid.

“I have to look carefully and make sure I bring players in who are the right characters and players who will give it a go.

“It is very difficult to know how the players are going to react when you sign them.

“You go on what you have seen and doing your research and asking managers they have played for about their attitude.

“Without a good attitude sometimes you get a player who is playing for himself and not the team and I am preaching that all the time.

“Nothing is more important than the club – the club will still be here when we’ve all gone.

“The team serves the club and the players serve the team.

“That is how it works and the way I work there is no room for individual selfishness.

“I have to fit players in who will do the job – getting good players to work like they did on Saturday is the secret.”



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