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Saunders Planning Ahead


14:20 12th January 2013

Boss explains Zubar return

Boss Dean Saunders admits it will take time to hone the Wolves squad to more of a level he is happy with – as he continues to work on his future plans.


It has been a hectic week for the new boss whom having arrived on Monday morning, worked day and night to prepare the team for last night’s game with Blackburn, which finished in a 1-1 draw.


He has managed to speak to most of his squad as he offers all the players the potential of a fresh start, but will continue to find out more about their thoughts with the transfer window open.


“I’d rather have 25 all thinking they’re not far off the team,” he says of the squad size.


“If they get left out, there’s a chance of getting back in.


“So it’s going to take me maybe a couple of years to thin that squad down.


“We can’t just pay everyone off and let players go for nothing.


“A lot of them are good players and we paid a lot of money for them.


“If we got the squad down to 25, you think of all the salaries we’d be saving.


“Then we could turn those salaries into paying players with more class.


“We’d have a smaller group and I have to get the right characters into the building now.”


The offer of a new start has been shown in actions as well as words, with Saunders last night recalling Ronald Zubar for his first league start since the defeat at Cardiff in the first week of September.

“It was the easiest selection for me – they lost to Luton last Saturday so no one was safe after that result,” says Saunders.


“I could have done whatever I wanted and no one would have had an argument.


“I picked that team based on what I’d seen in training and what I’d seen of Blackburn.


“I thought Josh King was going to play for them and he’s like lightning, as is Kazim-Richards, and Zubar is like lightning, and I put Kevin Foley in front of him because I knew he’d do the job with a conscience.


“I spoke to him (Zubar) on Thursday and I’m going to have to sit down with Jez because I don’t know what’s gone on in the past in conversations between agents and players and clubs coming in for some of our players.


“I’ve come in with a blank sheet of paper and I’m asking them where their best position is and what’s been happening.


“I’ve got around to speaking to nearly all of them and they’ve all got a chance.


“But if we start winning, it’s going to take them a bit longer to get in the team.


“If we lose games, then it will all change. You have a go, and I find my best team.”

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