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Dean's Delight


13:30 13th February 2013

Boss hopes to make new signing a permanent one.

Dean Saunders is clearly delighted to have captured his first signing since his arrival at Molineux last month.

Latvian international defender Kaspars Gorkks joined Wolves on loan from Reading on Tuesday. The loan is until the end of the season but the boss makes no secret about wanting to make the move a permanent one if he can.
Dean admitted: “I’ve been trying to get him in for three weeks.

“I’d like to thank Brian McDermott for letting me have him really because there were international matches at the weekend and he wanted to make sure all his players came back safe and sound.

“So I had to wait until this week to get the OK to do the emergency loan. Hopefully we can make it a permanent deal if everything goes to plan.

“He’s a good age and he’s somebody I’d like to keep at the club. He’s won the Championship for the last two years running.

“QPR sold him for £1m to Reading when they went up and he won the Championship again.

“I’m pleased to have got him. He’s a no-nonsense defender, he’s got a streak of steel in him and it’s something I feel we need.

“And he’s got desire. He’s a good character too – he’s got a winning attitude and he wants to win, which is more important than anything.

“You can be a bit of a dodgy character off the pitch but as long as the players want to win when they get on the pitch, that’s the main thing.

“People will say, ‘doesn’t everybody want to win?’ Some want to win more than others and are prepared to make sacrifices in their lives.”

Dean is confident that Kaspars can stamp his authority and use his experience to help the team move away from the danger area.

He explained: “I told him we need a bit of help right now, so he’s confident we can stay up and get higher up the league.

“We’ve been shipping too many goals. I said after Saturday’s game we had to do something and I’ve done something.

“I think he’s thinks we need to make sure we stay in this league this season, and that next season I’ll be planning to try to get us into the Premier League.

“He talks and he’ll organise and he’ll help the players around him, and he gives us more competition as well, because we’re a bit short of that.

“You need three or four leaders on the pitch who can actually be an extension of me, so if I didn’t turn up for a game they’d play the same and do the same things.

“You need players like that who are prepared to criticise their own team-mates and not fall out with them.”

Was the manager surprised that Reading allowed Gorkks to leave?

“I can see what their thinking is – they’ve gone up a league and they’re not having as many balls to defend in the box as they do in this league,” he said.

“It’s a different type of football and he’s good in the Premier League but he’s excellent at defending this type of football in the Championship. Gorkss is one of the best you’ve seen at winning the ball.

“All the players I named to the chairman are players who have done well in this league and we’ve got to get players who aren’t demotivated coming out of the Premier League thinking they’re too good to be in this league.

“Sometimes you’ve got to get players who know they’re good in this league, can do the basics and enjoy coming into training every day not thinking they’re better than they are.”

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