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Power Pleas Day Three


07:32 16th April 2014

A look at mobility aids

Day 3 of a look at Wolverhampton wheelchair charity POWER PLEAS which has benefitted from 20 years of annual collections carried out among Wolves supporters.

The next collection takes place before Friday's game with Rotherham at Molineux (3pm).


The original Trust Deed of POWER PLEAS empowered the charity to assist children and young people who have disabilities produced by Muscular Dystrophy and similar conditions, “in the purchase and provision of outdoor electric wheelchairs and such other aids as the Trustees from time to time decide.”


In recent years the Trust has been able to help in the provision of three mobility aids that have changed the lives of Wolverhampton young people.


Powered wheels wheelchairs 

These are wheelchairs that are normally driven by the movement of the user turning the wheels – self-propelled in other words.  If however, the driver gets tired or there is a steep hill to climb motion is impaired.  The attached wheels have electrically powered motors that can then be activated to drive the wheelchair.  This gives the child the confidence to travel independently without the worry of not being able to reach the destination.


In 2009 the Wolves Wheelchair was given to Amber Mcfarlane, a student at Colton Hills School.  Amber, pictured a few years ago racing George Elokobi, is now in her second year on a Social Studies Course at Wolverhampton University and has been on a placement since January.  Her powered wheels have given her the boost to develop her chosen career.



Some children have difficulty in walking and what to most of us would be a simple tricycle can be specially adapted to suit the needs of the individual child.  Careful assessment and guidance from Physiotherapists and Occupation Therapist takes place and recommendations made. POWER PLEAS has provided nine trikes for local children.  Two of these who have met Wolves players have been Harry and Lydia.  

Harry’s Mum said: “ We have just been on holiday and Harry was able to go off and play independently and go everywhere with us. It has been a God-send, a life-saver and wonderful.” 

Lydia used her trike to help POWER PLEAS  reach the final of the 2012 Morgan Entrepreneur Awards “She loves it and she goes off down the road with friends – sometimes too quickly!” says her Mum.

Lydia said: "I love my bike its the best present ever.”


TOMORROW: Sports Wheelchairs.

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