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Planning Ahead


11:57 5th February 2013

Boss reflects on January window


Boss Dean Saunders today re-iterated that Wolves were not prepared to be held to ransom during the January transfer window – and says he is already planning for rebuilding the squad in the summer.


First of all though he recognises the need to ensure Wolves are still in the npower Championship next season, and has backed the current squad of players to ensure that is the case.

Wolves tried with bids and enquiries for several players during the window, without adding a senior face, and Saunders says that was with the long-term in mind.


He said:  “We couldn’t get the players in – we would have had to pay over the odds with ridiculous amounts of money on players whose contracts are running out.


“We were getting quoted £1.5m for players out of contract at the end of the season.


“They were different players but I asked myself whether they were any better than what we’ve got and there weren’t many.


“For example, if you try to find a left back now or a right back, there aren’t many available as we speak.


“So I felt there is a shortage of players of the necessary quality.


“I had a list of about five or six strikers, five or six centre backs, left backs and right backs.


“But there is only one player I tried to sign who I see in my plans for next season, to put the first building block in place.


“We made a big offer on him really but we might have to wait until the summer to get him.”


Saunders continued:  “When I got the job and spoke to the chairman, he said my job description was to try to get the club back to the Premier League.


“The squad has to be revamped to do that and that’s my job description – to look where things are wrong and turn the whole things round and get a team on the pitch that can get promoted.


“I also need to get players in who are better than what we’ve got.

“That’s going to cost money, otherwise they will just sign for someone else.


“So we’ve got to pay the going rate on the wages.


“I can assure the supporters that we’re not just doing things willy-nilly.


“We’re trying to get ready for the start of next season, and gather the money up, so it’s spent on players I want for the next two or three years, not players who we’re having to pay loan fees on who are just trying to keep us in this league.


“I think we’ve got enough to keep us in the division as we are.


“It wasn’t that there was no fresh money – if the chairman feels it’s someone we’d be putting into place for next season, he’s prepared to spend the money.


“He will spend on someone that will improve us and be a building block for next season.”


The manager said the departure of Ronald Zubar had been mooted before he arrived at the club, and that the release of him from his contract five months early would lead to a saving of wages.


He also confirmed he was keen to hang on to striker Kevin Doyle, who was the subject of very late interest from Celtic prior to the closure of the transfer window on Thursday night.


“They tried to sign him at 10.45pm I think,” said Saunders, who has confirmed Wolves are looking at the emergency loan market which opens on Thursday.


“From what I can gather, for them to come in as late as they did, he must have been second or third choice.


“They must have been thinking about someone else and eventually tried to get Kevin, but it was very late in the day.


“And how can I replace him inside a quarter of an hour?


“I think the chairman said no to the deal and I told the chairman I didn’t want him to go.


“Let's plough ahead now; let’s hope we can get him scoring some goals.”

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