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O'Hara Off Transfer List


14:56 29th October 2013

Kenny Jackett has confirmed that Jamie O'Hara is now off the transfer list as part of his reintegration to the first-team fold.

The Wolves Head Coach, having recalled the midfielder to the squad for Saturday's win at Bradford City, has further clarified the situation by insisting that a combination of Jack Price's absence and the lack of interest from other clubs had behind his decision.

“It’s a bit of everything," Kenny said. "First up, we’ve got a build-up of injuries and, secondly, it has been four months and he hasn’t got the move. There hasn’t been a bid or any enquiries.
“When I had a problem with Price on Friday morning, I felt it (drafting Jamie back in) was the right decision for the good of the team and the club.
"It doesn’t seem as if there’s going to be any move for him. Other players have got moves but it hasn’t happened for him. If he can be an asset to us and is capable of shaping our season and helping us to promotion, it will have been a good decision.
“I feel enough time has passed and I want to see how he responds and whether he can earn a place."

For the second time in quick succession, Jack was ruled out at the weekend by a migraine but it is not thought to be a long-term problem.
“It’s very unlikely that there are any long-term problems," Kenny added. “He has had a migraine and, through that, some blurred vision twice in three weeks.
“But I’d say it’s 99 per cent something that builds up and it’s maybe a bit of stress and it will pass. But we’re going to keep him out until we’re 100 per cent sure.
“He didn’t train on Monday and our medical people now will take a few days to get him to see a specialist, and, once the specialist gives him the OK, I think he’ll be fine. He actually feels okay by the next day, so he gets over it very well. But, with it affecting his head and his vision, we’re taking no chances. I expect it to just pass.
“It’s frustrating because he has had some excellent games. Looking at Colchester, he was terrific there and earned a place and held on to it."

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