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Not Throwing In The Towel!


10:18 10th May 2014

Carl's surprise for honest fan

Carl Ikeme was never going to throw the towel in on Wolves’ bid to win promotion this season – but when he left his behind after the Crewe pitch invasion he was surprised to see it returned to Molineux the following week!

Like most goalkeepers, Ikeme has a towel which he puts in the goal to ensure he can keep his gloves dry at all times, but when running for the tunnel after the promotion-sealing success at Gresty Road last month, he left it behind!

Young Wolves fan Jack Dimmock took advantage to grab a prized memento of such a special occasion amid the scenes of celebration on the Crewe pitch.

But on the journey home, in discussions with Dad Bob, the two started to wonder whether it may be a lucky towel which had helped Ikeme enjoy such a successful season.

And so they got in touch with the club and goalkeeping coach Pat Mountain, and promptly returned the towel before the next fixture, at home to Rotherham.

Jack’s honesty however was to earn him an extra special surprise a bit later, but first of all Dad Bob re-tells the story.

“At the final whistle Jack was running across the pitch to celebrate with the players and fans and noticed that Carl, in his haste, had left his blue towel hanging in the net,” said Bob.

“He was so happy to have a memento of the occasion, and, on the journey home, he said he definitely wouldn’t be letting his Mum wash it.

“Now Carl had been in tremendous form all season, and we suggested that he should let Wolves know he had the towel as some players are superstitious and that this might be a lucky charm.

“We agreed that we should contact Wolves and tell them Jack had the towel and that we would return it if he wanted it back.

“Pat replied to the e-mail praising Jack’s honesty and asking if he could return it to reception so Carl could use it which we did before the home game with Rotherham.”

That wasn’t to be the end of the story however, as Mountain and Ikeme had been plotting to ensure 13-year-old Jack didn’t go without a souvenir of Ikeme’s – and Wolves’ – memorable season.

“Having spoken to Carl we were so impressed that Jack had wanted to return the towel that we couldn’t leave it like that,” says Pat.

“So we decided to invite Jack in before the Carlisle game, when Carl could make sure he finished the season with a couple more souvenirs!”

Bob continues:  “When Pat e-mailed again to say that when Carl finished the season Jack could have the towel back he was very happy!

“But we could never imagine what would actually happen.

“We arrived in reception at 1pm on the day of the Carlisle game and Pat came and took us and Jack’s friend Bailee through to the kit room.

“He was so nervous and overwhelmed by everything.

“He met Aaron McCarey, Kevin McDonald and Leon Clarke and then the best bit was when he was taken down the tunnel and into the stadium where he met Carl and had a chat with him.

“Carl then presented the towel, along with some signed gloves, shorts and socks!

“I can’t thank the club enough and especially Pat and Carl for what they did – Jack will certainly never forget this memorable day.

“What a way to end a magnificent season!” 

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