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No Excuses


09:15 14th February 2013

Doyle calls for strong finish

Kevin Doyle today admitted there were no excuses for Wolves’ disappointing showing over the last 18 months – and said it was up to the players to post a far better final 15 games to head into next season in positive mood.

The Republic of Ireland striker, a key figure in Wolves’ two survivals in the Barclays Premier League, says Wolves cannot cite hard luck stories or anything else as an excuse but simply: “We have not been good enough.”

And Doyle believes Wolves have to produce a “massive improvement” between now and the end of the season first of all to avoid relegation and then to improve spirits throughout the Club after such a disappointing spell.

“It is obvious that we have not been good enough,” says Doyle.

“We are where we are for a reason, you can’t put it down to bad luck or anything.

“We just haven’t been good enough over a long period of time and that is why we have had the results we have had, and we need to improve massively.

“We have had lots of games where we can see we did alright or we played o-k but we haven’t got the result and that is the most important thing.

“Clearly we are not in a good position and have got to massively improve over the next 15 games.

“There is no magic formula to do that.

“We should have a squad good enough to be higher than we are but we have let ourselves down.

“It is football – we have another game every week to put that right and we’ve got 15 now to do that between now and the end of the season.

“Confidence and belief comes with winning games and that becomes a habit.

“It’s like anything in life – when you are not in that habit it becomes difficult.

“We need to get into that habit and get results and do it sharpish.

“We have to use these 15 games to finish the season on an upward and positive note so there is something to work with going into the summer and for next season.

“If we can do that then we can try and put things behind us and everyone will be a lot more positive around the place.”

Doyle could well have found himself out of the club on transfer deadline day with Wolves confirming they rejected a loan offer from Scottish Premier League giants Celtic.

The striker, repeatedly described as a consummate professional by a string of Wolves managers, has quickly moved on from that interest to target better times ahead at Molineux.

“I left it to the clubs really,” he says.

“It was whether Wolves wanted to do it and Celtic wanted to do it.

“It didn’t happen so that’s the end of it for me, simple as that.

“I just get on with things here where I am under contract for another two-and-a-half years.

“Hopefully it’s going to be a lot better two-and-a-half years than the last two years have been.”




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