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"My Old Man's A Chelsea Fan!"


11:22 25th September 2012

Wolves boss reveals link

It’s not so much the Chelsea Dagger as the Chelsea ‘Dadda’ for Wolves boss Ståle Solbakken who revealed ahead of tonight’s Carling Cup tie that his father is a Blue!


So the boss’s connections to Chelsea spread beyond managing Copenhagen against them in a last 16 Champions League clash in March of last year.


He explains more about Dad Svein!


“My father was a big Chelsea supporter so I’ve grown up from everybody from David Webb through to Kerry Dixon, so I know all the history and everything,” he says.


“Someone had to be a Chelsea fan, and he was chosen to do that in his youth by his mates in Norway!


“It was a hard decision but there were some highs for him in the 1970s.


“He was a fanatical Chelsea supporter in the days when the English game was more based on English players and the big clubs paid £150,000 for someone from the lower leagues.”


Solbakken’s father was back home watching on the television when his son went into battle with Chelsea in the last 16 tie in the Champions League.


Copenhagen finished up with a goalless draw at Stamford Bridge, but exited the competition having lost the first leg 2-0 at home after their Winter break.


“That year we could have beaten anyone,” he says.


“We had hard fights with Barcelona, and we played Chelsea in the last 16.

“We have a midweek break in Scandinavia, and although we were winning friendly matches, we were a bit rusty when we met Chelsea.


“I don’t think we’d have lost 2-0 at home if we’d met them before Christmas when we were at our best.


“It would have been two even teams if we’d been 100 per cent match-fit and we didn’t have the winter break.”


Solbakken did not want to get overly involved in the current debate surrounding Chelsea captain John Terry, who has revealed his ut retirement from international football.


It remains to be seen whether Terry turns out in tonight’s third round tie, but the Wolves boss remains an admirer of his footballing talents.


“I think he has shown that he is a leader on and off the pitch for a generation of Chelsea players and I think he could still do a job for England,” said Solbakken.


“But I don’t think it is a surprising decision either when you are at that age that you maybe think about it a bit more.


“I think it is always good to make your own decisions about your career which he has done.”


And finally, will Solbakken senior be foregoing his Chelsea preference when tonight’s game gets underway?


“I think he supports Wolverhampton tonight!”




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