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Museum Outing


13:48 13th June 2013

New boss meets the fans.

Ten season ticket holders assembled in the Wolves Museum and enjoyed the company of the new boss on Wednesday afternoon.

Hundreds of supporters responded to Kenny’s invitation and the lucky applicants were pulled from the hat for the occasion.

Kenny was accompanied by wife Samantha and Ryan, one of his two sons. Samantha said that the whole family will be in the stands for each game not only backing Kenny, but the club too. 

As well as speaking to the fans about his hopes for the future at Molineux, Kenny spoke fondly about Wolves legend, Billy Wright. When Kenny was a 16-year-old apprentice at Watford Billy popped into Vicarage Road and talked of the  great Wolves team that he had skippered .

Kenny said: “The museum is very impressive. It’s fantastic for future signings that they can come here and see the type of traditions and the history that the club has. 

“It’s an asset for us because players coming in should know what they are buying into.

“I’ve been in Wolverhampton for two weeks now so, it’s interesting as people are getting to know me slowly, and letting me know what their views are. Speaking to the fans today for 30 or 40 minutes has given me a good insight into what they have been through and what their feelings are going forward.”

Regarding his house move to the Wolverhampton area, he added, “Everything is fine. We’ve been looking at houses and schools and that’s all been sorted out pretty quickly.

“By making sure that I’ve got everything right with my family off the field, it means that when pre-season training starts I can concentrate on the football and give my all to the job."

The supporters that listened seemed well impressed with what the new boss had to say. Paul Davies said: “Of all the candidates mentioned for the job, I always thought that Kenny was the best one there. 

“What he said today was really positive and we need some positive vibes going through the club at the moment. I think that connecting with the fans, as he has done today, has been a great idea. 

“I like his philosophy of going all-out attack and while we all know that it won’t be easy as all the teams will be wanting to beat a club like Wolves, I’m hoping that we have enough quality to go straight back up and I believe that Kenny is the man to take us up there.”  

The youngest supporter at the event was seven-year-old Joshua Smith who was there with father Paul. Joshua’s opinion of the new managerial appointment was, “He’s been a really good manager for all the other clubs so I hope he makes a good manager for our club too.”

Joshua’s response to the question of how long he had supported Wolves for was priceless. His answer was: “From the 18th of September, 2005, when I was born.”

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