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Looking Forward To Ireland


11:00 12th July 2014

Jackett highlights benefits of trip

Kenny Jackett believes a five-day stay in Ireland will provide Wolves with the perfect step-up for their pre-season preparations.

Two fixtures against competitive Irish teams in Shamrock Rovers and Bohemians, plus training at the excellent facilities at Malahide United regularly used by the Republic of Ireland national team, will form the next part of ensuring the players are ready to hit the ground running against Norwich on August 10th (4pm).

Wolves have visited Ireland on several occasions in recent years, as has Jackett during his time at Millwall.

He said: “The positives of having a tour in Ireland are that the games are very good and competitive as it’s in their mid-season, training facilities are very good at Malahide United.

“And the climate is very similar to ours so it’s not too hot to train in.

“Those things with the fact that it’s easily accessible make it a very good tour.

“I’m led to believe Wolves are very popular out there – there’s a branch of the supporters club going back from the Mick McCarthy days working there.

“We have young Aaron McCarey and Matt Doherty here and there’s been players such as Stephen Ward, Stephen Hunt and Kevin Doyle, so there are strong links and they’re very popular there and get well looked after, apparently.

“The benefits are the games and the training facilities, and yes, being all together.

“But I’d counter it with quality of this place (Compton).

“We’re there for five days which isn’t an awful chunk out of a pre-season but when you’ve got a training ground like this, there’s no real need to go away and it’s hard to find that standard.

“The teams are of a decent standard and if possible, their players would like to play in England, so you see good enthusiasm.

“Wolves signed Matt Doherty from the Bohemians game last time they played them, which was a terrific signing, so they’re very competitive games.

“We went over there to Malahide three years on the trot with Millwall.

“The national team train at Malahide so we know the tour and the people.

“It’s a trip that goes very well, so from that point of view, we know what we’re going into. “As regards the quality of the pitches, it depends what type of club you’re at and where your training ground is but this is a fantastic place.”

“Everyone is fresh, the facilities are great and usually the weather is somewhere decent.”

After just over a fortnight back in training Wolves kicked off their pre-season preparations with a 3-1 win at Cheltenham last night.

Jackett has been pleased with the way the players have responded to returning to Compton, with a month now to go before the start of the new campaign.

He says:  “The routine starts when the season starts but everyone has had a rest and it’s good to go.

“It’s a nice time to be around the football club.

“But if we talk about being successful, words come cheap – it’s easy to say it, but you’ve got to do it.

“You have to set out your intentions and talk and communicate, but the work has started and it’s got to be done.

“It’s quite a hard period but the players were also enthusiastic about the footballs coming back out and were looking forward to it.

“Generally I work off three sessions a day at this time of year – one at about 7.30am, one at 10.30am and one at 2pm.

“We do running in the first one, football in the second and gym work in the third.

 “Each session is then broken down into certain sections – for instance the gym work can incorporate a lot of things, from very hard sessions to yoga to stretching to core, etc.

“We just try to make sure each one is specific and we know what we’re doing.

“We has an excellent injury record last season and want to keep it that way or try to improve it if we can.

“I appreciate you need some fortune but I believe you make your own luck.”





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