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Giving Youth A Fling


14:45 9th July 2014

Younger players could make their mark.

Kenny Jackett is looking to give youth a fling when the new season begins although admits he still is monitoring the transfer market.

The Head Coach has cited his striking department as an example and picked out Liam McAlinden as one of the club’s younger players who could well have the chance to make his mark. 

Kenny explained: “I think everyone is aware of every club and what strikers you have – that’s the judgement of your club.

“There’s more focus on the centre forwards and the goalscorers at a club.

“It’s such a key area and a big area and I do understand that.

“But for us, it’s got to be the right player at the right time.

“I’m confident all of the young players are a year older – there are some here that haven’t necessarily broken through yet and who’s to say they won’t get into the team this coming season.

“With all of those young players, they’re older, more experienced, stronger and they will get better.

“And, while I understand people focusing on centre forwards, it’s about being strong as a group, and it’s about about creating chances as well as taking them.

“It’s not something I focus on more than any other.

“When you do get to the latter stages of a season – past February, then signings centre forwards is very difficult because people tend to stack them up in the Football League, not in the Premier League.”

The boss went on to talk about the progress made by McAlinden as Wolves took the League One crown with the Irish striker grabbing a late winner at MK Dons to form an instant bond with the thousands of Wolves supporters looking on from behind the goal.

“We have several youngsters – Liam McAlinden played the second from last game of the season and he’s actually stronger and quicker than he was last season which is a good improvement.

“For him, there must be a good period of assessment and we must make sure he gets every opportunity to see if he can come through because he’s 20 now.

“He’s looking for a breakthrough and whether that be a situation where he can break in at the start, we’ll see.

“But I’ve been pleased with his start to pre-season, albeit just coming up to two weeks.

“His strength and his pace have both progressed since last season.

“I think he’s very comfortable trying to make runs in behind defenders and on good pitches where there is space, that’s his game.

“Perhaps coming short and playing into midfield isn’t what he wants to do.

“Particularly down the left channel, he’s very strong and his finishing is good when he does get chances.

“I’m aware that you have to be good enough to get on the end of things and sometimes make your own chances.

“But when he gets chances, his finishing is very good.”

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