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Kenny's Praise For Kevin


17:23 24th April 2014

A terrific support for Head Coach.

Kevin Thelwell, the club’s head of football development and recruitment, carried out much of the groundwork in the appointment of Head Coach Jackett last June.

Since then the pair have worked together in bringing in some quality signings that have played a major part in the club’s instant return to the Championship.

“It’s worked out very well and he’s very good at his job,” said Kenny.

“He’s good to work with and he’s been a terrific support to myself.

“He’s a good organiser generally of every department in the club and that focus has helped us to be successful.

“He’s a vital cog in the wheel here at Compton Park and someone I enjoy working with.

“From identification, background work on players coming in, background work on potential finance for signings –which can be a very time-consuming job - organisation of scouts, potential targets both here and abroad and overlooking each department internally from the youth department to the medical to the sports science, there are a wide-ranging list of jobs.

“I’ve been very comfortable working with Kevin since I’ve been here and in terms of the pair of us working together at Compton, the partnership has worked well.

“We talk about everything; there isn’t one area that I do or he does that we don’t talk about.

“But it does mean the job is shared and so is the responsibility.

“It also allows me at certain times to step away from certain things, having given my opinion and then let Kevin do his job of supporting the people on the football side.”

The fact that the two share the same views in the way forward for the club, has also helped cement the relationship. 

Kenny admitted: “Kevin was in the interview process to bring me here anyway and we got on very well and had similar views and visions of building a club and moving forward, so that was a good thing right from a start.

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