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We Just Need A Win


15:54 28th November 2012

Striker on the latest setback.

A crestfallen Kevin Doyle summed up the mood of the Wolves squad following Tuesday’s defeat against Millwall by saying ‘we just need a win’.

The striker also bemoaned the fact that he should have had a first-half penalty and was only awarded a free-kick to the side of the box after Danny Shittu had clattered into him.

He insisted: “It was a definite penalty, no question about it, a couple of yards inside the box, and maybe we needed that just to get that goal and settle us down.

“That’s the way it is all going at the moment but we have to keep going, get our heads down and be ready to go again.

“Obviously everyone is very disappointed and it’s not nice to be involved in a run like this.

“It’s not for a lack of effort and trying – we are trying to play football and do the right things.

“We need to try and scrape a win from somewhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty – we just need a win.”

The crowd to watch the clash with Millwall was the smallest to watch a League game at and Kevin has every sympathy with the supporters.

He says: “Of course I can understand the fans’ frustrations. I’d be frustrated if I was watching and I’m frustrated as a player and the staff are frustrated as well.

“All I can say is that we are doing our utmost to try and change things. It’s difficult to be full of confidence after the run we are on and things just haven’t gone on for us.

“The manager knows we are in a tough place but we have to keep going, keep training and keep doing the right things because we will go again on Saturday.

“In the first half (against Millwall) we were very good but not so good in the second. They got a scrappy goal and we come out of it without a result.

“I can’t put my finger on why we’ve not been good in some second halves. I’m out there on the pitch and it is hard to tell why we haven’t been on top of our games.

“We’ll have a look at this game like we always do and try to put it right in the short space of time before Saturday.”

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