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Kenny On The Window


14:06 28th August 2013

Boss looks at approaching transfer deadline.

With the transfer deadline rapidly approaching, Kenny Jackett isn’t expecting any significant deals ahead of the Monday evening cut off. 

The head coach, however, says that whilst there is unlikely to be any business this week, additions could be made over the course of the season if they are needed, to follow the signings of Sam Ricketts and Kevin McDonald.   

“I feel the last week of the window will be very quiet for us in terms of players either coming in or going out. That’s how I see it at the moment,” he explained.

“If anybody comes in for any of our players we shall have to deal with it as and when that happens - and if it is close to the end of transfer window, as is often the case, they will have to realise that it is close to the end of the window for us as well.

“Once it actually shuts, the picture will be a lot clearer for all of us. But I wouldn’t be complaining if we had the same squad this time next week. 

“Would we need to look and see what comes along the way? Yes, of course but I don’t see us making any major signings.

”As the season goes on, we will add when we think we need it. But there will be no major surgery. We have already made a lot of changes.”

Kenny has also praised the efforts of Kevin Doyle, a player many expected to have moved on to pastures new over the summer months.

The boss says: “It will depend so much on who comes in for him. Until anybody does come in at a serious level he’s a Wolves player.

“Nobody has come in for him as yet and Kevin trains hard, is a good team member, a very good pro with good commitment. We’re more than happy to have him.” 

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