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Kenny Is Ready


12:35 21st June 2013

Head coach all set for players' return


Head Coach Kenny Jackett has highlighted the importance of a “good pre-season” as he prepares to welcome back the squad for training on Monday.

Jackett has moved quickly to sort all his personal arrangements including renting a house in the area, ahead of being able to get straight on with the business of preparing for his first full season at the Molineux helm.

And that includes holding individual talks with players as they return to Compton as he prepares to reshape the squad for the new campaign.

“I’ve been going back and forth, but most people are back from holiday now so I’ve been getting to know everyone,” says Jackett.

“I wouldn’t say I know everyone in a couple of weeks, but I’ve been introducing myself to everyone.

“Getting to know everyone’s name – especially at the ground – is a real test!

“But that’s very important. 

“And then after that for myself personally, it’s about getting settled into the house and my son into school in the area, which has fallen into place well.

“My wife and one of my sons is coming up with us to fit in with the school syllabus – the other son is at university.

“That’s taken a couple of weeks and I’m gearing myself up for next week because we need to start well.

“A good pre-season at any club is important, but the one that precedes this season is going to be key for us.”

There has been widespread speculation surrounding the Wolves squad, and club officials have already commented on the likelihood of plenty of “ins and outs” ahead of the League 1 season.

And Jackett will be honing that process from next week as he holds sit-down discussions with the players.

“There is a lot of speculation and I need to speak to players first and assess the group first and then I need to speak to players individually,” he explains.

“That’s the reason for coming back on the 24th because that’s pretty early in terms of where people are – I don’t think any team in the Football League is back as early as that and most are back the week 


“My view on that is to make that assessment on the players and then speak to the individuals to see where they are in terms of their career.

"They will be here and an assessment comes first and then talking of who, what and where comes after that.

“No one has given an indication to me that they want to leave.

“There have been media reports on some players, and Jez and Kevin have spoken to some players or their representatives, but not directly with me.

“I’ll pick up with the knowledge of the people who are here and who I’ll work with and hopefully step on to a better level of discussion.”

Jackett has also confirmed that there have been some initial discussions around players potentially moving on including Bakary Sako.

“Sako is a very good player who had a very good year last season,” he said.

“Will he want to stay and play in League One? That’s doubtful.

"So the process is probably underway. But I don’t think any players will go without it being right for the club.

“I don’t know how far it’s gone down the road but it’s accurate to say that in terms of some of the players, the process has started and things are activated.

“There are some obvious ones, there are some in a grey area – ‘are they going or aren’t they?’

“Well, from my point of view, let’s see their level of performance and let’s hear what they say, and let’s see what my assessment is as to whether I want them as well.”

Jackett has also revealed that Wolves are not at an “advanced stage” with any club regarding possible outgoings, although that can change quickly once the transfer window starts to hot up.

And he is keen to ensure that plans with players expected to be at the club next season are given plenty of due prominence.

“With the sudden fall from Premier League down to League One, there are issues which have to be resolved - but they will be,” he added.

“The process needs to start. Is it going to be a short one or a long one?

“You don’t sell players, other people buy them.

“So there has to be a third party somewhere that would be attractive to Wolves, and to the player.

“From my point of view, if people don’t want to be here, there’s so much mental energy going to go into people that don’t want to be at Wolves, but come on - we kick off on August 3, so what about the club?

“I’m sure all parties will consider that.”

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