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Kenny Answers Fans' Questions


11:50 4th June 2013

Jackett responds on various topics

Kenny Jackettspent over two hours being interviewed by the media as he was officially introduced as Wolves’ new Head Coach at the Compton training ground yesterday.

And as he quickly got to work on getting stuck into his new role, he also spent a few minutes answering some supporters’ questions which had been left on our official Twitter account –



Ryan Chisholm ‏@Ryan_Chisholm

@OfficialWolves what's your footballing philosophy? Will you get the team passing on the floor #askkenny


KJ: Constructive football creates chances.  And we have to play constructive football from the back.  Distribution from the back four is very important and equally getting the ball wide and being able to get round the back of people is key to scoring goals. On the other side of it you can’t be passing the ball inside your own half for long periods without getting a cross or a shot in at the other end.  So a passing game? Yes.  But it has to be a high-tempo and attacking one.


DEAN WILKES ‏@heycitizen

@OfficialWolves Kenny, where so you see Wolves in 2 years time? #askkenny


KJ: Well we’d love to be getting back into the Premier League!  But we need to walk before we can run and need now to get our minds and our concentration on doing well in League One which is where we are.  Do I think we can be successful and get some momentum going?  Yes I do.  But we also have to be realistic and walk before we run.  Our concentration as we go into the season is completely on League One and we hope that will eventually lead to long-term success.


Asleep Or Dead ‏@killjoybobert

@OfficialWolves#askkenny given how close your resignation was to Saunders' sacking, was this a job you had your eye on? And for how long?


KJ: No I didn't have my eye on anything before that decision.  I had spoken to the Chairman at Millwall before the end of the season and as we were making plans they knew my views.  This particular job at Wolves came up quickly and I had no hesitation in applying because it was such an appealing vacancy.


Mark Hurley@markurley

@OfficialWolves#askkenny. Is he worried about the fans if were not top of the league after 10 games?Reply






There is pressure at any football club – and the bigger the club the greater the pressure.  I understand that and you can’t have it both ways.  I am very happy to be here and to embrace the pressure.  The potential of the club is so big and I am confident in myself that I can be successful here.



Al ‏@MrALStone

@OfficialWolves#AskKenny Will he bring in ex players to help on coaching staff?


We have a high number of staff here already and many departments at the club are strong and running very well.  I am going to come in on my own to start with, make an assessment and then any recommendations will follow. 


sean sweeney ‏@sweeneybull

@OfficialWolves Will Joe Gallen be joining Kenny Jackett at Wolves? #AskKenny


Joe Gallen is an employee of Millwall.  At present I am coming in on my own and I think it may be that way when we start pre-season.  I can only re-iterate that I will make assessments and recommend any changes as we go along.


Jay Barnsley ‏@Jay_Barnsley

#askkenny How important is youth development to you? What do you make of our youngsters?


I’m very pleased that the club are continuing with the Category One Academy status.  There are some very good young players here at the moment that are ready to play in the first team and indeed that have been playing in the first team.  That is a positive.  In the long term hopefully we will see the continuation of good young players coming through balanced with hitting the ground running and being successful in the short term.  It’s about making sure we can keep both the short term and the long term going well.


Simon Matthews ‏@sidney_73

#askkenny Does he feel like he has full control of the team with M&M leaning over his shoulder?


It is going to be very much a team effort here.  We are all together in wanting to take the club forward.  Because of the nature of the interviewing process we all know where we are in the structure.  I would see Steve and Jez as assets for me to help me and the team be successful.  It is a very big club and there are a lot of demands on it and everyone needs to be together in working in their different areas.


Dan Southall ‏@WolfInDerby

@OfficialWolves how big a task does he perceive he faces moving on players and building a squad of his own inside 6 weeks? #AskKenny


In reality it may be difficult for that to happen.  As I see it there is a breakdown at the moment between the team and the fans.  And at any club, as a Head Coach, manager or member of staff you are always aware of that area and need that relationship to be good.  That’s not just here – but at any club.  It is player-led because the crowd will respond to the players’ performances.  If the players perform on the pitch the one can drive on the other and you can get momentum going and do very well.  It is a very key relationship and we will have to see what we can do in the six weeks to improve it.  There are some very good players at the club and some who need pointing in the right direction.  Changes will evolve as we go along.

Liam Cornes ‏@Liam_C_123

@OfficialWolves In terms of bringing players in, what traits/attributes must they have to shine at wolves #askkenny


You are always looking for a good complement of players with different qualities.  If we get to the start of the season and we have a hole in the squad where we  need a certain type we will do that.  In the end it is all about the team rather than one individual and we must produce a team which is a winning team.  That is the aim.  So it’s about bringing a player in who will complement what we already have and after that somebody who will fit the dynamics of a young, hungry, vibrant Wolves team.


Joe ‏@JoeDymock

@OfficialWolves#askkenny any chance of bringing Andy Keogh back from Millwall?


Andy Keogh is under contract at Millwall and I wouldn’t have thought that is something that we would be looking at.  I think our forward line with some of the younger players is very promising.  Griffiths is an exciting player and I am looking forward to seeing him and working with him.  Cassidy did well in League One last year and McAlinden got in at Wolves just at the end and is an honest lad.  Sigurdarson is also still only 22 years old and in terms of young players there are four straightaway and it will be very interesting to see how they respond.


David Evans ‏@devans87

@OfficialWolves there are a generation of #wolves fans not used to third tier football. What can KJ tell fans about Lg 1 life? #askkenny


The games come at you thick and fast!  It’s relentless, so you need to have a very fit team and can’t be having many players who are out injured because in that time you might lose ground.  In terms of League One and Wolves it will be 46 cup finals because we are probably the biggest team in the league.  It will be a big challenge but it’s not something we should be afraid of – it’s something we should embrace.  Our performances are going to be have to be spot-on and what I can tell the supporters about League One is that it comes at you relentlessly and you have to be ready both physically and mentally and organisation-wise.  You can’t be playing only one good game in three.


And finally……………


Jon Cadden ‏@JonnyDeWolf

@OfficialWolves#askKenny Selection policy: Apple pie -would he have custard, cream or ice cream?


I’m going for ice cream I think.  It’s a tough decision. And probably the toughest question…………


Many thanks to supporters for sending in their questions and Kenny for taking the time to answer.  We'll hopefully do it again soon! 



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