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Jez's Q&A


07:44 28th November 2013

Twitter questions answered by CEO


CEO Jez Moxey's programme notes for Tuesday night's game with Tranmere were given up to answering a selection of questions left by supporters via the club's official Twitter site - @officialwolves

Jez aimed to answer a broad selection of questions, and different ones to those previously answered for the Oldham game last month (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

Here below are the questions - and the answers!


In Jackett we trust ‏@tom_doyle_wwfc

@OfficialWolves what does Wolves mean to you? Love or a business? #askjez

JEZ: It is both Tom.  Obviously I wasn’t born and brought up a Wolves fan like the vast majority of Wolves supporters.  And my primary job as Chief Executive is to make decisions, along with the Board, which we believe are in the best interests of the Club.  That I suppose is the ‘business’ side of it and in those situations I have to try and remain to a large extent dispassionate and objective in doing what I believe is right – although I never, ever, forget the football is a passionate sport and we must retain it.  You don’t spend over 13 years being totally focused on, dedicated to, responsible for, and absorbed by a football club without developing genuine love and passion for it.  The Club is means so much to so many people players and past and present, managers and coaches, directors and staff, sponsors and companies and the City and our local community.  But of course, we all know it means so much to our fans and supporters all over the country and, indeed in so many places around the world.  So while I wasn’t born and brought up as a Wolves fan, I would certainly say that I feel exactly the same joys and disappointments as anyone else here at Molineux tonight, not least as I have to take a large share of responsibility for both sides of that equation!


wayne farmer ‏@wfarmer11

@OfficialWolves YES like I asked on tues night WHY was the sth bar in north bank closed? Our club only when its commercially appealing!!

JEZ:  That was a decision taken because of the expected low demand for the facility Wayne.  The North Bank Bar isn’t closed for Midweek games in the League, however, with a projected crowd of less than 5,000 for the FA Cup 1st Round Replay, it didn’t make any sense to open the facility. The North Bank Bar is proving to be very popular and the feedback we receive is that it has greatly added to the matchday experience for those season ticket holders and members who choose to utilise it.  Apologies for the inconvenience this caused for you last week.


Adammm ‏@Adammm95@OfficialWolves #askjez are the rumours linking us to Kevin Phillips true? Sign him on a coach/player role !!

JEZ: It probably won’t surprise you Adam that it we never comment on rumour and speculation.  Our policy has always been to comment on transfers as and when they have actually happened.  All I would say is that we continue to scour the market for any player who may be available for the right price and to the benefit to the team.


Dan Southall ‏@WolfInDerby

@OfficialWolves After 20 years, my family stopped having season tickets in 13/14. What are you going to do to get fans like us back? #askjez

JEZ: First of all Dan I would say thanks for the support you gave the Club as a season ticket holder for 20 years!  I’m very sorry to hear you didn’t renew this season as we never want to lose any supporters, particularly our Season Ticket Holders.  Clearly you and your family have shown tremendous loyalty but I recognise you are not the only ones to have ceased having a season ticket recently.  We want to rebuild lots of things at Wolves and returning us to a level of season ticket holders that is befitting of our status as a club is an important one!  I think everyone would agree that results play a big part in encouraging supporters to come to Molineux and in bringing back those who have given up their Season Tickets, so we need to start there.  Results over the first 17 league games of the season have been excellent, bringing us 40 points. At the same time alongside those results we are always looking at ways we can offer season ticket holders the very best benefits whilst also getting to know what they think about various things to do with the Club, hence more dialogue with fans including surveys, face to face meetings with supporters, focus groups etc.  We aim to speak to as many of our lapsed season ticket holders as possible, and have in the past handed out free My Wolves memberships to offer the benefits associated with that scheme including priority sales periods for tickets and discounts for games to encourage supporters return.  Above all though we do know it is what happens on the pitch which is key, and that is why everyone at the Club is working as hard as possible to support Kenny and the players in pursuit of a successful season and a return to the Championship as a first step towards recovery.  Please remember though, fans tell us its ‘their club’ and we are only custodians which means the Club needs the support of its fans. Without that, we won’t be able to compete as well as we could with really healthy support.


haynezy ‏@haynezy1974

@OfficialWolves #AskJez why don't you offer Ebanks-Blake a year’s contract as him and griffo would be a great partnership?

JEZ: While you sometimes never say never in football I know Kenny has already stated publically that we are unlikely to make Sylvan an offer to remain with the club after his programme of treatment is complete and he is fully fit.  Kenny is of the mindset to move on and continue with the building of a new and fresh team without looking back.  He would though agree with those of us who have witnessed Sylvan’s Wolves career that he proved an excellent signing for the Club, particularly in helping us back to the Premier League, and that we all both enjoyed and appreciated his performances, especially his two Golden Boot winning seasons.  I am sure he will have several options as he approaches a return to full fitness, hopefully in January, and we wish him all the best for the future – he’s a top man.  In talking about partnerships I would also mention Kevin Doyle, who is an excellent professional and has produced a high level of consistency in his performances so far this season, and is developing a good partnership with Leigh Griffiths.


Leamington Wolves ‏@LeamWolves @OfficialWolves Has Jez ever been to Kidderminster Harriers? The cottage pies are incredible. Can we get them at #Wolves ? #AskJez

JEZ: One of the many pie questions – wonder why they are so popular?!  Yes I have been to Kidderminster Harriers on many occasions both to watch first team fixtures and the reserves. But no – I have never tried one of the cottage pies.  I have however been told of both their quality and indeed magnitude. So maybe next time I’m there, I will sample one – just for you!


Alex Angus ‏@SmokefreeWolf

@OfficialWolves when will we find out the results of the fans survey and will the survey report be available for the fans to read? #askjez

JEZ: Good question Alex particularly as we appreciate the time fans took to fill in the survey and the patience shown in awaiting the results.   It is actually the success of the survey in terms of the amount of people filling it in – over 6,000 – that has prompted the delay in terms of taking a long time to make a detailed study of the results.  I can confirm that the results will be presented at our next Fans’ Parliament meeting on December 4th, after which they will also be available for all supporters to view.  Thanks again to all who contributed to providing some excellent feedback.


Tim Rigby ‏@thetimrigby

@OfficialWolves would the club consider moving the family enclosure to the Steve Bull Lower so it doesn't look so empty on TV? #askJez

JEZ: Another good question Tim and indeed one that has been thought about on a number of occasions.  What I would say though is that the Steve Bull Lower has only been thought of as an additional family enclosure rather than a replacement.  As the more modern stand, the Billy Wright is probably more suitable for families and the closer proximity to the tunnel is popular with the younger supporters.  Leaving the Steve Bull Lower as it is ensures a level of flexibility in terms of housing the away fans – it is closer to the Coach Park - or on other occasions running the Wolves 4 Family Football promotion or Schools Day as we did for Saturday’s game with Brentford.  While taking the point on the TV pictures, I think the over-riding factor is that most families would prefer to sit in the Billy Wright Stand or at least we don’t think they would welcome a forced change.  However, if we can increase the number of families attending beyond the current levels so that the Family Enclosure reaches its capacity then it is certainly another available option.


Matthew M Summers ‏@Matt_Summerz

@OfficialWolves when are you going to resign? #askjez

JEZ: Thanks for your candour Matthew but I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have no plans along those lines at present.  My passion, dedication and commitment to help bring restore the Club back to the Championship which is, in my opinion, the minimum acceptable level of League status for this great football club, and push on to return us all to the Premier Club is as strong as ever.  I have a strong sense of responsibility for our current plight and we need to keep things moving in the right direction.  Like all of us, I have a boss to report to, in my case it’s Steve Morgan, and I assure you of this, he would not be shy to let me know if he wasn’t happy with me or the job I have to do here at Molineux.  We are not quitters Matthew, we have a very important job to do and won’t rest until it’s done!


raj bhuna ‏@mrtikkakebab

@OfficialWolves Will you be wearing the wolves onesie sometime soon and will it be selected for live tv coverage ? #askjez

JEZ: No plans on that at the moment Raj.  My kids bought me a Superman onesie last Christmas and I wore it once for them – it wasn’t a pretty sight!  So I’m entirely sure the public at large would not appreciate seeing me in the official Wolves Onesie – but I hope you buy one and wear it for the next TV game.  Go on, I dare you!


Thanks for all the questions and thanks for your continuing support of the team – please keep it going!












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