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Jez's Programme Q&A


10:13 23rd October 2013

CEO answers questions


CEO Jez Moxey’s programme notes for last night’s game with Oldham were dedicated to questions received from supporters via Wolves’ Official Twitter site - @officialwolves

The notes are reproduced below.

Royston ‏@79Rmp

@OfficialWolves what is happening with redevelopment the northbank looks a monstrosity on its own #askjez

David ‏@daveazzopardi1h

@OfficialWolves #askjez When are you planning to continue development of the stadium. Stage by stage this stadium could be one of the best

James Fielden ‏@James_Fielden2h

@OfficialWolves what happened to the new video screen and can there be a scoreboard installed? Was mentioned when I was on the WFP.

JEZ: We received many stadium-related questions so I have grouped a sample together. First of all, I would strongly argue against calling the North Bank a ‘monstrosity’.  I think it is a first class facility about which we receive excellent feedback and when you are embarking on a long-term stadium redevelopment there are always going to be periods such as these with one stand looking different to the rest.  At the moment, with the club in League One, there are no plans to continue with the redevelopment given the substantial investment that would require. However, the advantage of a phased redevelopment is that we can pick up the threads whenever appropriate and I know the Chairman remains fully committed to continuing when the time is right.  In terms of the video walls, we mentioned at the time that we weren’t pursuing that idea after the completion of the Stan Cullis Stand.  Again though, we remain very much aware of supporters’ views regarding Video Walls and a scoreboard and it all remains under discussion in terms of future plans.


Johnny Gallagher ‏@Johnny_G2012

@OfficialWolves How has your role changed since Kevin Thelwell's promotion? #AskJez

JEZ: In some respects it is all still early days with the new structure at the club which, six months on, is still evolving.  The way football clubs now operate means the sort of role Kevin has taken on is becoming more and more prevalent.  Not only are there the players and the transfers to deal with but also the medical side of the club, Sports Science, Player Liaison, and in our case the Category One status for the Academy for which Kevin played an instrumental role.  His position means that he is able to take a lot of the burden away from Kenny who then, as Head Coach, can focus as much of his attention as possible on coaching and developing the first team.  It helps me in terms of Kevin being able to take more of an overseeing role and then pass on his thoughts to the Board and myself for further discussion.  I still remain very much involved in matters such as transfer negotiations in and out, recruitment, and many other areas of the business in the same way as any CEO.  I should also point out that, like every fan and anyone connected with Wolves, I am disappointed and hurt by what has happened over the last couple of years and want to do everything within my power to help improve the Club’s fortunes.


Joe ‏@JoeDymock

@OfficialWolves Where do you see Wolves in 3/4 seasons time #askjez

JEZ: Difficult one Joe as I think the last couple of seasons have proved you can never look too far ahead in football. However, I would say we believe we have found an excellent Head Coach in Kenny Jackett who is working very well in the new footballing structure and we have a young squad of players with the potential to get better.  First things first let’s try and achieve promotion, which as we have seen from the points totals at the top of the league is going to be difficult, and then take things from there.


David Evans ‏@devans87

@OfficialWolves with the recent resurgence of the safe standing debate, what would #Wolves view be on this if it went through? #askjez

JEZ:  It may be seen as a bit of a sit-on-the-fence answer at the moment but we are just keeping an eye on the debate David.  There are many different authorities involved and while we all understand the preference for many supporters to stand at football matches, we must also remember the reasons why all-seater stadia became necessary in the first place.  We welcomed the Football Supporters’ Federation to a Fans’ Parliament meeting two years ago to give us a demonstration of safe standing.  Our position remains that we are happy to support a trial of Safe Standing and to ensure a robust and evidence-based debate on what is a very sensitive and delicate issue. 


Dave Wells ‏@ginjad83

@OfficialWolves Why dont we pre pour pints to speed up service at half time like most clubs do #askjez

JEZ:  I have spoken to our Catering people Dave who have explained the situation on this one!  This is something that has been considered and indeed tried but when it was there were complaints about the taste and fans saying they preferred to see the pints poured.  Many clubs who do pre-pour benefit from having dedicated ‘beer areas’ without the cooking equipment at our catering stands and in the Stan Cullis Stand we do have ‘speed pumps’ which can pour a pint in six seconds.  Our Catering Manager does tour the stadium on a matchday to assess the catering operation and is always thinking about possible ways to improve our service to fans.


john woolley ‏@DevizesWolves

@OfficialWolves will jez be standing or prefer to sit when Leons invoice comes in after the Carlisle game?... :) #askjez

JEZ: Very good John!!! Yes I will certainly be mopping my brow! I think the answer is that if there are a decent number of fans who have decided to go to Carlisle to support the team because of the free travel then that is the sort of ‘result’ we are looking for.  Once the game was moved to a midweek we knew how difficult it would be for supporters and so decided to trial the ‘free travel’ idea which we know has been a popular talking point for many years.  Yes it is probably the longest journey of the season and so yes that will potentially cost the club more money. But if the team come back with three points spurred on by a larger away contingent that might have travelled then I am sure everybody will be happy.


loyalwolves ‏@loyalwolves

what's your favourite flavour of pie? Mine is chicken and mushroom. #AskJez

JEZ: Mmm tough question. I’m known for being something of an expert in this department.  I’d probably go for Steak & Ale.  


Stuart Elliott ‏@mrstuartelliott

@OfficialWolves It seems the club/team/sponsors etc are doing a lot to engage fans this season. Why wasn't this done before? #askjez

JEZ: We had a few questions on this subject Stuart.  What I would probably say is that we were carrying out fan engagement previously, to a fairly extensive degree.  We have always tried to be as open and accountable as we can.  I attend every Fans’ Parliament meeting and both Steve Morgan and myself have previously carried out ‘live blogs’ answering questions and I know we answer all correspondence and have a very interactive approach with our Official Twitter account.  What is undoubtedly true is that it has been difficult for a lot of the fan engagement to have an affect in recent seasons – because the team just haven’t been winning football matches!  In those situations it is very difficult to say or do anything to improve people’s moods and feelings towards the Club and, given the circumstances, that is no surprise.  But I would also agree that it was a decision to try and improve our fan engagement this season, however events transpired on the pitch, and to try and help supporters feel more a part of the Club again.  With the help of Kenny and the players, and various initiatives, hopefully we have progressed in that respect but will not be complacent and must always continue to be aware of fans’ opinion and feedback and act upon it when we can.  That also reminds me that we will soon be reporting back on the Fans’ Survey sent out during the summer.  We received over 6,000 replies, which is a fantastic response, but has just meant it has taken a fair amount of time to collate all the information.

JEZ: Thanks for all the questions and I am sure we will be able to do it again soon!

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