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Jackett's Focus


11:30 7th December 2013

Head Coach's recruitment aims

Kenny Jackett says Wolves cannot afford to look too far ahead as he continues to try and plot a path to promotion from Sky Bet League One.

But Wolves’ Head Coach admits any eyes on further recruitment will generally be on players who can also operate at a higher level should the team be successful in this season’s ambition.

Jackett signings Samuel Ricketts, Scott Golbourne and loan arrivals James Henry and Michael Jacobs have all joined the club from Championship sides, while Kevin McDonald has also previously operated in both the Premier League and Championship.

So while the Head Coach isn’t ruling out aiming to bring in more experienced players with a short term impact, he is also focusing mainly on those with the potential for long term improvement.

“I’m not looking at piecing together a Championship side at present – I’m looking at building a team to get out of League One first and foremost.

“In an ideal world, our signings can help us get promoted this season and then be good in the future.

“They’re the ideal signings and we’re looking at it that way.

“But first and foremost, we want players who can get us out of League One and my focus doesn’t really go past that.

“That said, I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was a consideration for a signing to play now and improve our team and then what about the future going forwards?

“Everyone would always look at their signings in that way – if the club is successful, can they go with you?

“But that’s secondary to what they can do right now for the club.”

As mentioned Jackett is not ruling out trying to target those who can make a short term impression, if the right player is available and the situation demands it.

“I wouldn’t rule it out but that would depend on injuries and suspensions,” he added.

“That would need to be a player to make some impact to do that.

“That (older players) situation may arise if there were injuries and suspensions and there was a gaping hole in the team that needed addressing.

“So we’re in a situation where from my point of view and my job criteria is that I recommend and work very hard towards getting this squad of players back into the Championship at the first attempt.

“That’s the gameplan and that’s what we want to do.”

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