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15:43 30th July 2013

Wolves buoyed by support

Head Coach Kenny Jackett has highlighted the “thrilling prospect” of a packed away following at Preston on Saturday as visiting ticket sales breached the 4,000 barrier.

Wolves supporters are rallying around Jackett and the players as they aim for a successful season with thousands already booked in for the tough opening day trip to Deepdale.

More tickets are still available from the Wolves Ticket Office for fans still wishing to make the trip.

“It is a thrilling prospect,” said Jackett.

“I’ve been reliably informed that around 4,000 tickets have already been sold and it’s up to us to put on a performance to lead those supporters.

“Managers talk about supporters and what you want from them and you want the backing.

“But it has to be player-led: Supporters will react to what they see on the pitch, and if they see quality, commitment, heart, togetherness as a team and some passion, then supporters will back you.

“The relationship between players and supporters has to be there if you’re going to be successful – but it is player-led, not the other way around, and then one can bounce off the other to over-achieve.”

Jackett also confirmed he has spoken to the players about making sure they give everything every game, but admits that there is one commodity alone which can make supporters happy – winning games!

 “I’ve talked to the players about it and told them what they have to do and what I want,” he added.

“It does come with results, good performances, a good body language and enthusiasm – and probably in that order.

 “I do see it as part of my responsibility.

“Mostly I can communicate with the supporters through the performances of my team – results, entertainment value, attacking, passing – all of the things people come to football for.

“I know results is top of that list; that’s my main line of communication.

“But after that, it’s important to sign autographs, try to be honest with people, and showing a sense of being down to earth and being committed to the cause is all part of it.”Jackett 

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