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Jackett: Work Continuing


11:49 28th June 2013

Head Coach talks transfers

Head Coach Kenny Jackett has revealed that work is continuing behind the scenes both on possible incomings and outgoings in the transfer market – but will not confirm specifics until deals are completed.


Speculation continues about potential new faces at Wolves as well as possible departures, with Karl Henry, Roger Johnson, Jamie O’Hara and Stephen Ward made available for transfer on Monday.


Jackett has confirmed that there is interest in goalkeeper Dorus De Vries who has been in talks with a Dutch club, while press speculation has also mentioned Bakary Sako and Kevin Doyle.


“In terms of discussing anyone, we’ll only say something when we sign a player,” said Jackett.


“We’re running things both ways – players going out and players coming in, but we’re not in a situation where we’re going to announce anything at all until we actually sign a player.


“I find it unprofessional; I don’t like it when people do it to me, and I think for our supporters, the best time to announce something is when you actually sign someone.


“If there was something particularly imminent or that close, I would understand but we’re not in a position to announce anything.”


In terms of Doyle, Jackett added:  “I’m going to assess the situation.


“There’s been a lot of publicity about Kevin Doyle going somewhere but at the moment he’s going to continue training with the group and I’ll assess the situation and talk to him.

“Will there be interest in him? Probably, yes.

“But it’s not a situation that’s imminent.

“I will assess it and talk to him as we go along.”


In terms of the players who were listed, and indeed others who may be available for the right offer, Jackett has re-iterated that much depends on third party interest.


He added:  “There are three parties needed so if you’re talking about any player going to leave Wolves.


“Let’s take Dorus for instance, there is a third party and they have been in constant contact for all of this week.


“It’s at a stage where something needs to be said.


“But for any of the other guys – no, it would that third party to submit a price and a financial deal that does suit our club.


“It really depends on what type of calls we have.


“Putting brackets around it of saying a set number of players going – well, if no one comes in for them, they will be here and they will be Wolves players.


“Running alongside that, do we need to freshen up the first team and get a new focus and some fresh faces? Yes we do.


“That has to happen in the pre-season friendlies and in the early games.


“There needs to be a fresh emphasis and some fresh players, definitely.


“But putting brackets around the others is crystal ball stuff.”


And while there is nothing imminent with Sako, Jackett acknowledges that the left wing position will have to be strengthened should he depart.


“There has been a lot of media attention on his future and talk of different clubs, but I haven’t had any calls about Sako,” he said.


“That will be a situation where we will deal with anything as and when it comes.


“It’s a very good point that we would be short of options, particularly in the wide left position.


“Two young boys in Forde and Ismail, who are natural wide players, can play on the left although that probably wouldn’t be their natural preference.


“But in terms of the professional staff now, the two recognised players there, there are a couple of players within the squad – Edwards and Sigurdarson – who have played there.


“But I don’t think they would choose to or it’s not their natural position.


“Sako is the only natural wide left player in the squad and if he does go, that would need some attention.


“And we would need that option in the squad, yes.


“We would want someone who has played there, someone with experience there and preferably left footed.”


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