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Jackett Highlights Chairman's Determination


12:32 7th May 2014

Head Coach sees positive long term future

Head Coach Kenny Jackett has highlighted the role played by Chairman Steve Morgan in sticking to his guns on the club’s young talent to try and improve the club’s long-term future.

Jackett has been pleased with the backing received from the Chairman from the moment he was interviewed and landed the position last summer, particularly in terms of proceeding with the new Academy development at Compton to give Wolves the best chance of producing top young talent.

“For the Chairman to back me – and us as well – is a considerable achievement,” says Jackett.

“To continue with the size and structure of the commitment to the youth policy when we’d just gone down to the third tier was both expensive and took guts.

“He listened to me in my interview saying ‘I’d sideline these people and these are my reasons’ and backed me to do that when there were polls asking ‘should we have player X back and should he play’? and that showed a tremendous amount of guts.

“I think it proves his determination to get back to the Premier League.

“To continue with the development of the youth side for which Sir Jack Hayward started with his legacy of leaving us the training ground – right from Graham Taylor’s days when they trained at Lucas Aerospace – shows a tremendous commitment.

“Bully was telling me you had to get out by 12 noon because all the factory workers would be around the pitch and then you couldn’t get out!

“Sir Jack developed Compton with the aim of giving the club long-term foundations and to develop a youth policy that might not look after the club not in one year, but in one or two decades time, would really look after the basis of the club.

“The present chairman is very keen to continue it.

“If you ask the majority of football supporters how important a youth policy is there will all say they want to see homegrown players.

“It’s like an overlap to the community and reinforces the link between the players and the supporters.”

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