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Jackett Confident In Backing


11:18 6th December 2013

Head Coach says line has been drawn

Kenny Jackett says the Wolves Board will continue to do what is needed to help the club’s promotion push despite the “disappointing financial figures” revealed in the annual accounts.

CEO Jez Moxey addressed members of the Fans’ Parliament on Wednesday night to discuss the accounts, which, as previously predicted by Chairman Steve Morgan, did not make good reading.

However, with Steve still very much committed to the club, officials are now confident a “line in the sand” has been drawn ahead of more positive news in the future.

And the Head Coach is confident he will continue to receive the necessary backing to further Wolves’ ambition of being in the hunt for promotion.

 “The board of directors have been very supportive and very clear in their objective in that they want the club to do well this season,” said Jackett.

“And they want us to try very hard to bounce back into the Championship at the first attempt.

“That’s been stated, now there has been a price to pay for the two previous relegations and this set of accounts is exactly that: The price that’s been paid.

“And while the bigger picture is everything has to be considered right the way through the club, the board is adamant that us going forwards and making sure we are competitive this season is very important.

“In terms of these accounts, they’re a reflection of two years of relegation.

“It’s not something you can completely sweep under the carpet but similarly, the board have ambitions to go straight back up and keep improving because otherwise there are perhaps other losses ahead (if Wolves don’t go straight up).”

And given the continuing backing from the Chairman, and his desire to see Wolves operating back higher up the leagues, Jackett does not believe supporters should be unduly concerned.

He added:  “It shows you the level of support from Steve Morgan, which is considerable.

“It shows him to be a class A owner in terms of investment and backing.

“But for this season, you can see a line has been drawn under many things.

“And while in the background we have people out on loan and different contracts ongoing and players that may or may not be playing, a lot of our focus has been on those that are playing and the team that’s in a very good position.

“We also want to capitalise on that good position.

“But where we are now with the January transfer window ahead of us, I think we’d be looking for fresher, hungrier players to come in.

“We have to marry the fact that Financial Fair Play is coming in and we want value for money and we want some parity.

“So we’ll build going forwards and it would be foolish to say that our wage bill going forwards isn’t in our thinking and the planning.

“But the determination is there from the board to be successful this season and going forwards – there is no doubt about that.

“That’s a very firm and very clear declaration to myself.”




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