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Hennessey Apologises


14:11 6th January 2014

Keeper's "error of judgement"

Kenny Jackett today revealed that Wayne Hennessey has apologised for his conduct prior to the Gillingham game – and has taken full responsibility for his decision not to make himself available for selection.

The Head Coach said prior to Friday’s game that Hennessey had declined to play following injury to Carl Ikeme,  amid the suggestion that there was a bid imminent for a potential move.

Hennessey came into Compton this morning and apologised for his actions, and has been subject to the club's internal disciplinary procedures before all parties move on ahead of Saturday’s visit of Preston.

“Wayne has apologised this morning and feels he was in the wrong and made the wrong decision,” said Jackett.

“With hindsight he wishes he hadn’t said what he said and I am sure he will speak for himself but to me he has apologised and said it was wrong.

“In terms of the overall picture we haven’t heard from any clubs or had any bids in yet.

“We don’t know whether there is anything imminent but we are not close to anything as we haven’t had a bid.

“In terms of Wayne he will carry on as a Wolves player until something changes  - we haven’t had any calls as yet and he will carry on as per usual.

“There will be some internal discipline and once that has been dealt with we will move on and put it down to an error of judgement.

“He is available for selection and will have no problems going forward as a Wolves player.

“He is taking full responsibility for what happened and not turning around and saying somebody advised him – perhaps he wasn’t in full possession of the facts.

“Overall it was an error of judgement and the wrong thing to do and I was surprised and shocked at the time.

“But the fact he has arrived today in a different frame of mind and he will be disciplined internally and we all move on.”

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