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Good To Be Grounded


14:33 26th February 2014

Jackett keeping firmly focused

Kenny Jackett says Wolves must continue to prepare properly and not get too far ahead of themselves despite registering an impressive six consecutive wins.


The Head Coach says being in the thick of the Sky Bet League One promotion race is certainly a challenge to relish and enjoy, but one in which they have to stay grounded if they are to come out with a successful outcome.

“It’s nice to get pats on the back but for us, our season is ahead of us,” said the Head Coach.

“It’s exciting to be in a promotion race and is something we should enjoy.

“But on Monday morning we started preparing for Port Vale and football is very much like that, because if you do dwell on anything for too long, you end up on your backside.

“So experience warns you from doing that and makes you keep your feet on the floor and everyone else’s.

“Also, what we should do is draw confidence on what we’ve done so far.

“It should be a positive in going forwards.

“We should draw confidence out of our organisation, which is good both in out of possession.

“So they’re things we can use positively, but then after that, if we look back too much and don’t look forwards and don’t prepare, it’s very easy to end up on our backside.

“The league table tells us that we can’t take anything for granted because we haven’t got a lead where we can take our foot off the gas.”

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