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10:46 11th March 2014

Jackett support for Ikeme and Elokobi

Kenny Jackett believes it was necessary for Carl Ikeme and George Elokobi to publically report being on the end of racial abuse at Walsall on Saturday – to prevent it from happening again.


Wolves lodged an official complaint with Walsall and the Football Association in the wake of Saturday’s game at which both players were racially abused at different times by individuals in the crowd.

Walsall have vowed to do everything they can to catch those responsible and Jackett believes all clubs must continue to work together to eradicate discrimination.

“Carl and George are fine, and as a coach or manager and as a club we back them 100 per cent,” said Jackett.

“They wanted it reported and they were disappointed with it.

“They’re o-k – both of them can handle it and it’s not going to affect them tonight or Saturday – but that doesn’t make it right.

“Not reporting that type of thing or not speaking out about it isn’t necessarily right either so I back their stance.

“There is no place for racial abuse in society and certainly not in our game.

“It does happen from time to time and both of these guys are good, senior professionals who are both excellent characters.

“I’m sure it’s an individual situation and one we all have to work hard together to eradicate.”

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