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Good Foundations


08:00 30th September 2013

Jackett pleased with promising start

With Wolves approaching the ten game mark at which Head Coach Kenny Jackett was primed for a more detailed progress report, the Head Coach is pleased with how things have been going.

Wolves have picked up seven wins, one draw and just one defeat from their Sky Bet League One fixtures thus far, leaving them in third place in a hugely competitive top end of the division.

But with that foundation to build upon, Jackett is still demanding further improvement from his squad and a greater level of consistency in their performances.

“I did say that internally we would take a close look at things at the ten game mark and we’re one off,” he said after Saturday’s 2-0 win against Sheffield United.

“The club are new to the division but I know it myself – everyone has said how hard it would be for Wolves and I knew it would be.

“That’s perhaps for different reasons because there is a lot more football played in this division than anyone gives it credit for.

“We made a good start at the top end of a league which is stretching very early.

“While we feel we can continually improve we don’t want a gap appearing.

“It shows what a good league it is when teams like Sheffield United and Bristol City are around the relegation places.

“That shows how difficult it can be for the big clubs - Sheffield United, like ourselves, were in the Premier League not too long ago.”

Jackett meanwhile confirmed he took Zeli Ismail out of the 18 as he felt he needed a “breather” after the game at Shrewsbury the previous weekend.

“There’s nothing wrong with Zeli,” he said.

“He wasn’t selected and I just felt he needed a breather after last week’s game at Shrewsbury.

“I do feel that young players do come and go in their form sometimes.”

At the other end of the pitch the defence has shown a good consistency so far this season, with only goals conceded in nine league games to date.

It’s also an area which Jackett feels Wolves have impressive competition given some of the players not able to break their way in at the present time.

“The players have showed good heart and the back four and goalkeeper gave us a platform on Saturday,” he added.

“We didn’t do enough going forward and didn’t really know our next pass or have many efforts at goal.

 “But the players showed plenty of guts and determination to stay in the match.

“We have also got good players to come in as cover defensively as well and it’s a good department for us when you think of the likes of Stearman, Foley, Elokobi, Ebanks-Landell and McCarey and Wayne Hennessey out getting good match practice at Yeovil.

“In terms of competition and cover through a long Winter it feels like we’re in a good place but we’ve got to stay there to keep it like that.”

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