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Good Attitude


11:00 22nd January 2014

Jackett on Griffiths reports

Kenny Jackett has said that Leigh Griffiths continues to show a good attitude at Wolves and has acknowledged that any Scottish player would be interested in a move to Celtic.

Griffiths has been quoted as saying he would be keen in a move to Celtic if they were interested, having been in and out of the Wolves team in recent weeks.

Jackett says they are not actively seeking to sell the striker, but – like any player – would assess any bids if and when they come in.

“He’s not a player we’re particularly looking to sell,” said the Head Coach.

“It’s interesting to hear his comments on Celtic, but they are a big club and as a Scotland international now, that will be of some interest.

“He’s not someone we’ve transfer-listed or actively trying to sell but it, but it’s all hypothetical anyway unless anyone comes in, whether that be Celtic or anyone else.

“At present, he’s in a group working towards beating Bristol City on Saturday and trying to make up this four or five-point gap on the top two.

“That’s our focus and if anything comes around, we’ll deal with it as and when it does.

“It sounds an honest interview from Leigh but he hasn’t been unsettled or expressed any desire to leave.

“And his attitude doesn’t convey that either.

“In terms of his attitude, it’s been fine and good - he’s had no problems nor has he caused us any problems.

 “If something happens, we’ll see when the phone rings but it’s not something I’m going to worry about until the situation comes around - we’ll see.

“Leigh is part of a group that in the last few months of the season must really work hard to make up the gap and see if we can get into the automatic places to get into the Championship.

“That’s our focus.

“If there’s an offer for any individual, we’ll deal with it then but he’s not someone who’s expressed a desire to leave to me.”

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