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Gaffer On Player Of The Year


11:00 5th April 2014

Team the key for Jackett

It’s not for Kenny Jackett to pick the Wolves’ Player of the Season award – and as a Head Coach always keen to advocate a strong team ethic then that’s probably best.

No.  As ever it’s down to the Molineux public to choose their favourite from the current campaign, with voting for fans with a Supporter Number now open via accessing the following story (CLICK HERE).

The fact that there are perhaps a few different possibilities for the award to succeed Bakary Sako is music to Jackett’s ears, despite him being more concerned ultimately with Wolves enjoying a successful season.

“It’s a good thing for a person in my position to hear,” Jackett says of the varied options.

“I’ve got 20 players and, if you take the Premier League, they name 25 man squads.

“You work hard to make the bottom of the group as close to the top as possible because it is always about your weakest link not your best player.

“If we have some consistency in our players and they are all close to the top - that’s a good thing. 

“Spreading those performances around and getting a consistency of performance is something that can really help.”

“It is a big thing for the supporters. You see votes for ‘Man of the Match’, ‘Player of the Season’ and everything and it is a fantastic thing for supporters, and rightly so.

“But for people inside you are trying to temper that with the fact that we all want our team and our club to be successful. 

“How are we going to do that? A degree of selflessness is needed.”

Jackett, himself a winner this week with his first Manager of the Month award since arriving at Wolves, continues:  “I don’t think individual awards are something that I concentrate on. “What we achieve as a team is always (the main focus). 

“And also pulling away the thoughts of the individual for the sake of the team is something that you need to constantly do as a manager or as a head coach. 

“You are always putting the club and the team up and away from the individual accolades, or sometimes what is right for the individual. 

“Where you can be successful is if both individual and team goals do overlap. Then you have a very good chance.

“It will be a very close one anyway and that’s very good for myself. It won’t be unanimous and that’s a good thing.” 

Jackett admits he doesn’t know what to expect in terms of who the Wolves fans will plump for, but again, is pleased that it is likely to be a hard-fought contest!

“Different clubs vote for different players,” he added.

“At my previous club it would always be a defender who got it which is quite unusual because it is a forward or a goalscorer that people associate with. 

“I don’t know what the pattern is here and how it has been but I certainly agree that it will be a very close one because picking out one player is not easy.

“There won’t be a unanimous choice anyway. Whoever does get it, it will I’m sure be by a small margin.”

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