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Foz's Blarney Army Part III


12:50 22nd July 2012

A Happy Bunny as Wolves notch five



Well, that’s it. Another tour over and it was time to head back to Wolvo.


But Saturday didn’t get off to the best of starts for me. I looked out of the window of my room at the team’s hotel when I got up and there was a huge rabbit on the lawn outside. It’s true!


Not I know that some of you will be thinking ‘here we go, he’s been on the pop again’. Well it is true that I had a bit extra on Friday night – three halves of Guinness instead of the usual two, and I have in the past seen a few pink elephants, but it’s usually on the night in question not the morning.


I had the attached picture taken as proof and I found out shortly afterwards that the rabbit was part of an Alice in Wonderland themed barbeque party that had been organised for later in the day on the hotel grounds. It came as something of a relief to learn that. I didn’t tell Sylvan about it because he would only have wanted to play on the bouncy castle and the squad was busy preparing for the match at Bray at the time.


The highlight of the week for me was seeing the look of utter joy on Fletch’s face when my ‘oppo’ Paul and I tapped on his door armed with a six pack of his beloved Irn Bru that we had travelled to the local supermarket to buy.


The poor lad had been suffering from withdrawal symptoms. It obviously had the desired effect though as he scored two against Bray - the first a cracking overhead kick. Fletch – made in Scotland. From girders.


It was good to see the lads in action again. And good to see that so many supporters had made the trip over. During the week the official Irish Wolves Supporters Club visited us at the hotel (a great bunch of lads), as did the fans that had travelled to the Emerald Isle on the club organised trip.

Then we met up with many more familiar faces at the Carlisle Grounds and before the game it was good to talk football with them all (except the ones that claimed I owed them money).


We always get a great welcome when we visit Ireland but it’ll be nice to get home although I’m going to miss the Guinness. And it’ll be great to eat a meal without Tony Daley leaning over my shoulder telling me that I’m eating the wrong stuff.   Dales is a great lad but he gets really frustrated with me. He thinks I should understand that because I have salad with my doner kebab it’s still bad for me.  Well chew on this Dales.  I got a McDonald’s on Friday night.  And it was delicious.


I might miss the Guinness but one thing I won’t miss is George Elokobi.  Not George himself of course.  We love George.  Just the piercing shrieks from across the corridor when he scored a goal against Nenad on whatever this computer game is that they all play nowadays.  Not good to shock someone of my disposition and enough to drive a man to drink.


I also had my first real chat with Ståle this week and told him of my two lifetime ambitions. I think the one about Kate Winslet may have lost a little in translation but he obviously knew a lot more about the Northern Lights in his native Norway. I’d love to see them.


Well that’s all for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed the blogs and I look forward to seeing you at Kiddy on Friday and Walsall on Saturday unless I bump into any of you prior to that in my favourite Castlecroft watering hole. 


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