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Finding A Spark


09:14 8th February 2013

O'Hara confident Wolves will improve

Jamie O’Hara believes Wolves just need to find a spark and belief to get things going after admitting confidence has taken a hit this season.

And O’Hara believes the three-man midfield employed against Leicester could turn into a positive force in helping Wolves regain the winning touch to get themselves out of trouble.

Next up on Saturday are Leeds United at Molineux (3pm),  with O’Hara hoping Wolves can find the confidence to build on the more encouraging aspects of last Thursday’s defeat at the hands of the Foxes.

“We’re on a bad run of form and need to pick up wins,” said O’Hara.

“Our form hasn’t been great but I think the last couple of performances have been good.

“To be honest a lack of confidence and belief has cost us more than actually not playing well.

“We have done o-k in games, but because we’ve been on such a bad run of form it’s maybe like we don’t believe in ourselves and that is costing us.

“We need a result and we need a spark.

“I thought we were great in the second half at Leicester – that is how we want to play and should be playing every week.

“We just need to believe in it and I think it will come.

“Leicester are a good team and will probably go up next season but from talking to people I think they felt we were the better side for long periods.

“We just need to cut out the mistakes.

“It just seems to have been happening maybe for the last two seasons really where we make mistakes or get done on the break like at Leicester.

“We were looking for the win last week because we need the points and both myself and Karl had broken forward before their second goal.

“We were wanting to press them high up the pitch because we are looking for a winning goal.

“And then Nugent ran at us and he’s such a good striker that he can beat anyone.

“We need to learn from our mistakes and cut them out.

“Leeds has now become a massive game but if we play like we did in the second half at Leicester I think we’ll be ok.

“The workrate is not a problem, it’s the nervousness when it comes to the crunch.

“It’s like at Leicester when we conceded the second and it feels like you’ve lost the game rather than thinking you can get back into it.

“Confidence comes with winning games, and we will win games again.

“It’s all about believing in ourselves and believing in our ability.”

O’Hara has been impressed with new manager Dean Saunders, and believes that having set about restoring some more solid foundations the manager is now encouraging the team to play their football.

“I think it’s been tough for the gaffer coming in because while he knows the players he didn’t know too much about us at the start and has quickly had to try and find his best team and what works,” he added.

“We went to a five in midfield at Leicester and I think it suited us a lot more to be fair and we seemed to control the game better.

“People sometimes think it’s playing safe to do that or maybe negative but I think it can be a real positive if you have got the players to do it.

“It can help you dominate games and you can still create plenty of chances if you get men in the box and we did that at Leicester, creating more in a game than we have for a long time.

“I have been really impressed with the manager and the way he has gone about things.

“When he came in he wanted to shore things up straightaway which we needed to do and then since then he’s been trying to get us to play football and including playing out from the back.

“He’s asking us to be confident enough to keep doing it and keep playing football and is constantly on at us every day to do that.

“For me it’s great that he wants ball players in the team and the build-up for our goal at Leicester was excellent.

“Once we get a couple of results I think the lads will believe in it a bit more and we will be able to push on.

“Now at this stage of the season it’s about staying in the league which is crazy to think with the squad we have got.

“But we just haven’t performed this season and haven’t been good enough.

“A lot has gone on but we’ve now got 16 games left to put things right.”

On an individual level O’Hara is just pleased to be back in action after such a lengthy absence with a troublesome hernia-related injury.

And he is confident he will have more to offer now his match fitness is returning after two successive starts.

“I’ve had a really bad run of injuries and it has been a really disappointing time in my career,” he says.

“To get over that and be back now stronger than ever and at full fitness is very pleased.

“I looked at the stats from the Leicester game and while obviously we were all massively disappointed to lose the game the running stats of the team were fantastic.

“And that was the same for me – back to where they should be.

“I’d not played in the Championship before and it is a tough league.

“We’ve played 30 games this season which seems like a big amount and I’ve only played two of them!

“We’ve still got 16 left which is a lot of games to play.

“For the first 20 minutes at Leicester I was having a nightmare and just couldn’t get into the game.

“I kept giving the ball away but with my experience I knew how I could get out of it by keeping things simple.

“We’ve all got to do it as individuals to believe in ourselves and then as a team I think we will get through it.

“If we can do that we will be fine because on paper we have got one of the best squads in the league – we just have to produce it on the pitch.”



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