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Fan's Thanks For Griffiths


10:55 23rd September 2013

Striker hands shirt over

Lifelong Wolves fan Geoff Mortimer has thanked Leigh Griffiths, his fellow fans and stewards for their help after being knocked off his feet by a shot from the striker during the warm-up on Saturday.

Geoff, 75, a Season Ticket Holder in the Billy Wright Stand, was struck by the shot from Griffiths prior to the victory at Shrewsbury, but was immediately helped by fellow fans and stewards.

Leigh was also straight into the stand to check he was alright, and offered him his match shirt, a promise he kept when seeking him out again at full time.

Geoff takes up the story.

“I was sitting behind the goal in Row E and normally when the warm-up is happening I keep an eye on it to make sure I don’t get hit!

“But this time I just turned to the side and then all of a sudden I’d been hit on the side of my face.

“Fortunately I was sitting down but it was quite a shot and knocked me sideways and onto the floor.

“I took my time getting up and by the time I did there were already two Wolves stewards checking on me and then suddenly Leigh Griffiths appeared.

“He apologised and asked if I was o-k before going back to join in the warm up.

“It was only then that one of the stewards asked if I’d heard what he said – that he’d promised me his shirt for after the game!

“I thought that was a great gesture and then, sure enough, even though he’d been substituted at the end of the game he came to find me and handed it over.

“I just thought that was absolutely first class of Leigh to do that – he certainly didn’t need to because he didn’t mean to hit me with the ball.

“I cannot speak highly enough of everyone involved, from Leigh to the fans and stewards who all made sure I was o-k.”

Geoff, from Tamworth, has been a regular at Wolves games since the 1950s, and it’s a passion that runs through the Mortimer family!

“My two sons David and Philip also go to games and my daughter Karen used to,” he adds.

“My grandsons also go as well now so it’s a real family affair!

“I also had a wonderful Golden Wedding celebration with my wife Pat at Molineux in June – she’s great because although we’re always going to games she never complains!”

Leigh meanwhile was just pleased that Geoff was soon back on his feet with no ill effects from the shot.

“As soon as it happened I ran into the stand to make sure he was o-k,” says the Wolves striker.

“I felt really bad about it and was just pleased that he was alright.

“I wanted him to have my shirt after the game and, even though I’d been substituted, made sure I hung onto it to hand at over at full time.”

The shirt now will enjoy pride of place at the Mortimer residence!

“Someone could offer me £3,000 for that shirt and I won’t be selling it!” said Geoff.

“Not only because it’s from Leigh and I really appreciate the fantastic gesture but it’s also the famous number 9!

“When you think about all those who have worn it down the years – Bully, Sylvan, the Doog, Bobby Gould, Roy Swinbourne – it’s a really special shirt.”

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