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Fans' Parliament Recruitment


16:16 18th July 2014

The time has come around again to open up the application process to fans wanting to become members of the Fans Parliament which is now entering its eighth year of successful fan engagement.
The Parliament is an opportunity to improve the already excellent relationship between the club and fans. The club want to listen to your views and gain greater understanding of the issues that affect fans directly. This information can be utilised when important decisions have to be made. This also provides the club the opportunity to explain why decisions are made or why issues are resolved in a certain way.
We’re asking fans from right across our supporter base to participate in the Wolves Fans' Parliament.

The Fans Parliament has a totally inclusive representation of supporters and represents the diverse make up of fans. Therefore, the club would like to receive nominations for the following groups:
• Recognised Wolves' Supporter Clubs. 
• Season ticket holders 
• Family enclosure members 
• Fans from minority groups 
• Members of the Ticket Priority Scheme 
• Away Season Ticket Holders 
• ‘Armchair’ or casual fans 
• Regular hospitality visitors 
• Box holders the opportunity to apply
• There is also a 'wild card' entry for anyone who feels they represent a group that deserves a say.

In order to apply or nominate a fan write to: Paul Richards, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Molineux Stadium, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4QR or 

All letters must clearly state your name and contact details along with your nominations:
• Name, address, e-mail and phone number. 
• Which group you represent. 
• Up to 100 words stating why you should sit on the Parliament.

Nominations must be with the club by 11th August 2014 They will then be considered by a panel of fans and club officials to ensure that the final selection is credible and representative.

Once the Parliament is assembled with new members in situ, there will be meetings held on a bi-monthly basis involving board members, football & senior management, department heads and special guests. Minutes of all meetings are published on the club website - 

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