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Fans' Parliament Minutes Part 3


11:01 8th January 2014

Questions from members

Following the release of two sets of Fans Parliament minutes (from the December meeting) relating to the Club’s Financial Accounts and the Fans Survey, the minutes relating to any other business have been issued, with responses to ad-hoc questions from Fans Parliament members and fans.  Steve Phillips asked when Wolves were going to start competing in the cups. “The FA Cup and League Cup are very important to many fans and I don’t think we approached them in the right way,” he said.

Jez said the early eliminations had been disappointing but he argued that the team put out should have been competitive in those ties. He also stressed there was a need to blood young players and get them experience. Andy James said he thought fans lacked confidence in the club to make the cups a priority. “The expectation level isn't very high,” he said. Jez balanced the comments, though, by saying the squad were unrecognisable from the two relegation seasons and that was a ‘really positive thing.’ “As a club, we are satisfied but there’s a long way to go,” he said.

Hilary Clews said texting might be better than emailing as a way of informing fans of ticket price reductions and Matt, while acknowledging that would be more expensive, said the club were very proactive on Facebook and Twitter. There was also a comment from the floor about how poor the PA system was in the upper tier of the Stan Cullis Stand.

Clive Smith was unhappy about the prospect of the Friday night game at Gillingham at the end of the festive period and asked if the club had a say in the selection of TV games. Jez said they had none at all and were duty-bound to move if requested. Chris Bate asked what the January policy was regarding the transfer window and was told by Jez that the Financial Fair Play regulations would affect all Clubs in a big way next season and they had to operate accordingly. But he repeated: “There’s a commitment from Steve Morgan and the board to improve the team, as I believe we have this season. The evolution of this team is nowhere near complete.”

One of the matters brought forward from the last meeting was the problem of fans in the new stand getting wet on rainy days. Jez said the architects had been called in and were not in breach of any standards they had promised to achieve. “Until it (the stadium redevelopment) is complete, it isn’t going to give the protection from the weather we would all like,” he said. “It’s well within the guidelines for acceptable levels but, if the wind blows and it’s absolutely pouring down, some people in the bottom tier areunfortunately going to be affected. Hopefully those types of severe conditions experienced at the Oldham fixture will not be repeated on regular occasions.”  Steve Phillips asked what the catalyst would be for completing the stadium redevelopment and was told by Jez – that it was a medium or long-term plan and was currently on hold.

Greg Asbury was told there were no plans either for scoreboards or video screens but was informed by Jez that the club might look into the possibility of a sponsored timer on one of the advertising boards. Jez said there had been no complaints years ago when the video walls were switched off and thought there would be other priorities even if Wolves were in the Championship next season. Steve Galloway said it was a possibility fans perhaps thought differently now they were seeing what other clubs had. Tom Bason thought an e-programme was something he would subscribe to and was told by Matt Grayson that a pilot version was ongoing.

Roger Phillips criticised the workings of Wolves’ official website and was reminded by Jez that the ‘back office’ was Football League Interactive and nothing to do with the club. “It’s nowhere near as good as it needs to be,” the Chief Executive admitted. “We share your frustration but can’t come out of the collective agreement very easily. About 76 clubs are locked into it and we’re stuck with it for the time being.”


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