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Fans' Parliament Live Blog


17:30 27th February 2013

Look back at the discussion at the meeting as it progressed

Chairman, Steve Morgan is in attendance at this evening's Fans’ Parliament meeting (Starts at 7:30pm and is scheduled to conclude at 9:30pm)
For the first time, and as a one-off, supporters will be able to track the debate as it happens via a live blog, hosted from Molineux by Paul and Otto, and submit their own questions, as well as review the usual, independently taken, minutes which are issued following the meeting.
As usual, Chief Executive, Jez Moxey, will be in attendance along with other senior members of staff.

Please be aware that, owing to the high quantity of comments we receive at busy times, not all comments will be published and neither will questions that have already been answered more than once (if you are late joining the blog, please scroll upwards to see what has already been said).  The meeting has been designed to allow questions from the blog at different intervals so if there are issues which haven't been raised by Fans' Parliament members we will put them across.  Answers are likely to be in note form in order to keep track of the debate.

Banter is encouraged on the blog but swearing is not welcome.

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