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Fans A Force


10:29 21st March 2014

Captain's call ahead of United

Skipper Samuel Ricketts says the impact of Wolves’ support this season cannot be under-estimated in terms of contributing to the team’s good position.

Wolves have regularly sold out of their away allocations and will be taking over 2,500 to Sheffield United tomorrow (1.25pm), ahead of approximately 8,800 to MK Dons a week tomorrow.

The level of support both home and away is something which is regularly discussed among the players, who are hoping to repay the fans by clinching promotion over the season’s final ten games.

“We know it’s going to be another tough game tomorrow but we’re going to have great backing again,” said Ricketts.

“The fans were brilliant on Tuesday night and they travelled a long way – they never stop supporting us and I think they can see the effort from the lads.

“It didn’t quite go our way on Tuesday but there was no lack of effort or lack of running or wanting to do well from anyone.

“I think they can see that and we’re going to need them.

“There will be games like Tuesday night and they’re hugely important to us.”

Ricketts continued:  “The support is a massive boost to us and we’ve talked amongst ourselves about it – 8,800 tickets sold for MK Dons, 2,000 sell-out at Crawley on a Tuesday night, and we’re taking loads to Sheffield United.

“We’re hugely fortunate to have such a loyal fanbase who come everywhere with us.

“They’re a big force behind why we’ve done well this season – you can’t underestimate what their support has done for us.

“We want to repay it and I think we have done over the course of the season.

“We haven’t spoke much about the last couple of years - I wasn’t here and we drew a line under it in pre-season.

“But after what happened before, I feel we’ve given them a side to be proud of – I hope so anyway – full of hard work and the right attitude.

“We’ve tried to embrace them and give them a club to support and be proud of.

“Tuesday night was just one of those where we didn’t win, but it wasn’t for any lack of effort, and their support was fantastic.”

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