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Edwards: "We Will Adapt"


09:05 13th June 2014

Midfielder set for stiffer test

Dave Edwards has experienced two promotions, two relegations and two near survivals during his six full seasons at Wolves.

As he heads into the next stage of his career after signing a new two-year contract, he sees no reason why Wolves shouldn’t be aiming towards the upper echelons of the Sky Bet Championship rather than worrying about the lower.

Edwards is well aware of the difficult challenges ahead after last season’s promotion, but is confident Wolves have the squad to be able to adapt to such a competitive division.

“It is a tough division and it always feels so different to other divisions,” he said.

“Last year we could maybe get away with it from time to time because of our technical ability which was able to win us games.

“This season it is going to be a lot more physical – I think we have got the technical ability to do well but it will also be about how quickly we adapt physically.

“Anyone who has played in the Championship knows it is end to end, rough and tumble and the lads that are new to it will have to pick that up quickly.

“But I have no doubt that within the squad we are going to up there and fighting to be in and around it.”

And in terms of aiming high?

“I think you have to be aiming and looking towards the top six,” he added.

“You are not going to go into a division and just looking to survive or consolidate.

“We are going to go into every game trying to win it.

“I’m not sure what the expectation is going to be outside the club but inside we know what we want to do and aim for and hopefully we can carry that out.

“It’s a great time to be involved here whether you’re a fan, employee or a player.

“I really hope now that we can carry this momentum forward, keep pushing on and have another great year.”


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