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Earning The Right


09:00 24th August 2013

Jackett expecting many hurdles

Kenny Jackett has repeated the message that he is well aware Wolves will not have things all their own way in Sky Bet League One this season.

The Head Coach didn’t need being pushed mighty close by Crawley last night to point him in that direction – he is vastly experienced at this level of the league.

And he won’t be taking too much of an interest in the league table this weekend as the rest of the division do battle this afternoon, still believing that the position after ten games is a better early indication of what is to come.

“We certainly won’t have things all our own way,” he says.

“Our aim is promotion but no one gets promoted in August!

“There is a long way to go and a lot of hurdles we have to overcome.

“We have to continually assess the division, where we are and what we need to be able to win games.

“We have got ten points out of 12 which is a good return but can we play better than we did last night? Yes we can!”

Jackett continued:  “I might look at the league on Monday when everyone else has played as well.

“But I still think ten games is a good assessment.

“Do you want to be doing well after four games? Of course you do.

“It is a constant assessment – you can say one game is an assessment and so it should be – but coming into a new division for Wolves, I think after ten games we will have a good idea of where we are and what we need.

“We will have played a fair few home and away games, some big clubs and some smaller ones, and have had a fair mix there.

“For our players we will have seen the level and hopefully what we need going forward.

“I have spent many seasons in League One and have worked in every single league.

“You don’t get promotion easily – it doesn’t work that way and it won’t be like that this year – we are going to have to earn it.

“Whether it’s the strength of the league or the motivation level of playing against Wolves, that is something we are going to have to deal with.”

With nine days now remaining until the closure of the transfer window, Jackett admits he isn’t expecting major activity.

He added:  “We will see what happens.

“We hope nobody goes out but we will see and that will be up to other people.

“I think if there is any movement it will be minimal.”

One thing he is sure of is that the expectation on Wolves to succeed this season will remain, but equally backed by a passionate atmosphere among the fans, seen again at Molineux last night.

“The atmosphere is a big boost to the players,” he said.

“We have to keep the fans encouraged by playing with quality and passion and have a real sharp body language about us.

“This start to the season where we’ve won three out of four is a good one and we want to keep it going.

“We can’t have our recent Premier League experience and not have the expectation around us.”

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