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Early Bird 2014/15 Countdown


09:52 14th March 2014

Deadline for online renewals: Midnight 15th March

The countdown to the Early Bird 2014/15 renewal deadline is on with just two days to go until the Saturday, 15th March 2014 deadline (Midnight for online renewals).


Renewing season ticket holders will be paying the cheapest possible price and will guarantee their own specific seat for next season – regardless of the team’ divisional status. And the cheapest way to renew is always online.


Behind the goals, the Early Bird 2014/15 renewal price is £320 (£6 admin fee applies) – just £13.91 behind the goals, regardless of the team’s divisional status next season.


Furthermore, in another move to attract young supporters, existing season ticket holders can benefit by buying junior Early Bird tickets at the Early Bird price – starting at just £23 (£6 admin fee applies) for under 12’s in the Family Area – just £1 per game.



Deadline is Saturday March 15th - 2pm over the phone or midnight online

Ticket Office closes at 5.30pm on Saturday

There will be no extension to the Early Bird window

Make sure that your ticket cash button is clicked (top left at checkout) to redeem

Relocation window with dates to be confirmed in June

Join The Pack window (open to all) commences at 10am on Monday, March 17th.

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