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Doyle Appreciates Support


11:00 16th September 2013

Striker's thanks for backing

Kevin Doyle has revealed that the first reception he received from the Molineux faithful this season cemented his desire to stay at the club and help spark a Wolves revival.

Doyle was the subject of interest during the transfer window following Wolves’ relegation to Sky Bet League One, but was never actively looking to move, having previously stated he owes it to the club to try and “right the wrongs” of the double drop from the Premier League.

And the positive reaction he has received from Wolves fans, particularly on his first Molineux appearance against Gillingham, has also played its part.

“The supporters have been fantastic to me, after two tough seasons,” says Doyle, who notched his first goal of the season in Saturday's 3-2 win against Swindon.

“I don’t want to write-off the first two seasons I had here which were fantastic.

“We stayed up in the Premier League which was a great achievement.

“But the last two years have been disappointing. So I must say, those fans have been tremendous to me and they’ve given me great support.

“When I played my first game here this season, after injury, I got a tremendous reception and I really appreciate that.

“When you see people sticking by you and want you to do well, that definitely helps.

“All the players will tell you it makes a big difference. From Day One this season the support has been tremendous.”

Doyle continues:  “I wanted personally to be part of a winning team and try to have a season where we’re in contention for something, because it’s been a while for all of us who are still here at Wolves since that’s happened.

“I said it wasn’t a case of looking to leave just for the sake of leaving.

“I had an open summer with the club. They knew my situation - I didn’t want to leave for the sake of leaving.

“If I was going to leave it was going to have to be for something rather exciting because I felt this was going to be an exciting year at Wolves.

“We’ve had our bad years but hopefully the only way is up.

“I don’t want to sound corny, but the plan is to give something back and try to get promoted.

“I want to be part of a winning team and have that winning feeling.”

And Doyle believes Wolves have a good chance of keeping that winning feeling with Kenny Jackett at the helm, the Head Coach ensuring everyone stays grounded after a decent start to the season.

“Things are a lot fresher around here - it’s like being in a new team,” he says.

“He’s making sure we stay grounded.

“Winning is a fantastic habit and we got into the opposite habit last season.

“Don’t forget we had a good start last season, but we threw that away.

“The manager is making sure we don’t think this league will ever be easy.”

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