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Doumbia's Extra Work


12:00 21st November 2012

Midfielder keen to return to best

Tongo Doumbia is aiming to reap the benefit of some additional fitness and physical work to return to the form of his early days at Molineux.

The midfielder started his Wolves career with some powerful displays in the centre of the park but has been substituted twice in the last three games, coming off the bench in the other to score a fine goal against Brighton.

And boss Ståle Solbakken is confident a bit of extra work will help Doumbia return to the sort of presence which will give Wolves a major boost in the npower Championship.

“The foreign players know this league is very tough now,” said the boss.

“Tongo has been surprised in some away games when even though he’s not 100 per cent, he’s still felt he can be the best player.

“He thought he could move the ball and play some nice stuff but then it’s been a case of ‘bump, bump, bump, what’s this?’ as he’s been tackled.

“So he’s had a few of these bad experiences now and I’ve spoken to him and Tony Daley now to see what to do because he maybe needs some individual training and treatment in terms of keeping up with the amount of games.

“Tongo is maybe the fittest guy in a running contest, but it’s about coping with the physical aspect and thinking with his mind.

“He got very frustrated on Saturday when his play wasn’t working and he let his man score Watford’s second goal.

“I think his head dropped and I was quick to take him off.

“I think he limped more after the second goal went in – it was more a case of ‘mental limping’!”

But the boss is confident Doumbia will get back to his best.

“Tongo should benefit from this because he’s been a little bit down,” he added.

“Someone who’s been injured can also (use this time) to lift themselves.

“Someone who has played a lot or played maybe too many games can add a little bit and feel more superior, fitness-wise when you feel powerful, you have an extra energy."


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